Fuxingmen Station    

Fuxingmen Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 1 and Line 2. Fuxingmen is named for the nearby Fuxingmen Bridge, which is the first bridge built on Beijing's 2nd Ring Road. All exits at Fuxingmen station have been built into other buildings. The livery of the station at platform level is sand.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch - exit A
China Minsheng Bank Jinrongjie Branch - north of exit A, 33, Jinrong Street (1st floor, Tongtai Mansion)

Media Organizations
China Education Television - exits C and D

Office Buildings
ChemSunny Plaza - exit D
Ocean Plaza - exits C and D

Fuxingmen McDonald's Store - exit B

Schools and Universities
DellEnglish International Fuxingmen Center - exit A
EF Fuxingmen Center - exit B
Wall Street English COSCO Training Center - exits C and D

Shopping Centers and Supermarkets
Parkson Department Store - exits A and B


Subway Line 1
Train interval: Minimum 2 minutes 15 seconds (3 minutes over weekends)

To Pingguoyuan (next station: Nanlishilu):
First train: 05:08
Last train: 23:41

To Sihui East (next station: Xidan):
First train: 05:13
Last train: 23:24

Subway Line 2
Train interval: Minimum 2 minutes

Clockwise (next station: Fuchengmen):
First train: 05:25
Last train: 22:29
The last clockwise train leaves this station at 23:19 and runs only as far as Xizhimen; it does not do an entire loop service

Counterclockwise (next station: Changchunjie):
First train: 05:16
Last train: 22:21
The last clockwise train leaves this station at 23:06 and runs only as far as Jishuitan; it does not do an entire loop service

   Platform Layout      Interchange

Both Lines 1 and 2 use central island platforms.

Line 1: Doors will open to the left.
Line 2: Doors will open to the left.


Fuxingmen is an interchange with Lines 1 and 2; the interchange at this station is the oldest interchange on record for all of Beijing. Passengers changing from Line 2 to Line 1 use a simple flight of stairs; those changing back to Line 2 use a separate, and much longer, transfer passageway. Like those at Jianguomen, the longer passageway is bidirectional; courtesy dictates that travellers keep right.


Fuxingmen Subway Station has four exits. This station uses line-specific side halls on Underground Level 1. Exits A and D in the western side hall and are accessible from the Line 2 part of the station; exits B and C are in the eastern side hall, in the Line 1 part of the station. Passengers must choose their exit in advance before leaving the platforms on Underground Level 2 and may need to change line-specific platforms if needed. Line 1 passengers are closest to exits B and C; Line 2 passengers are closest to exits A and D. You may need to use interchange passageways to reach your exit.

All exits are east of Fuxingmen Bridge
Passengers west of Fuxingmen Bridge wishing to ride westbound Line 1 trains are better served at the nearby Nanlishilu station

Exit B (Line 1) (northeast): CYTS Jinrongjie Sales Office, EF Fuxingmen Center, Fuxingmen McDonald's Store, jrj.com, Parkson Department Store
Exit C (Line 1) (southeast): China Education Television, Ocean Plaza, Wall Street English COSCO Training Center

Disabled Access: Exit A is wheelchair accessible
Park and Ride Services 
Bike: Exit A
Cars: Exits B and C