Guomao Station    

Guomao Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 1; beginning July 19, 2008, the station became an interchange with Line 10.

Guomao station is at Guomao Bridge, with the Line 1 stations just to the west of the bridge, and the Line 10 stations just north of the bridge. Geographically, the station is located in eastern urban Beijing's Chaoyang District. Unfortunately, no exits are at the southeastern corner of the bridge.

The Line 1 stations appears a brown-marblish building, although some entrances fit in the much more modern style used by the China World Trade Center. The Line 10 station is a mix of the regular grey-and-transparent boxes and newer, slanted entrances.

Guomao station is often packed with commuters, especially during rush hour. The situation has worsened with the opening of Line 10, as both lines (Line 1 running west-east and Line 10 running north-south) are in huge demand throughout the week. Fortunately, the Line 10 part of Guomao station sports extremely wide platforms to deal with the situation.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Banks, hospitals, post offices, schools and universities, cafés, teahouses and restaurants, hotels, parks, museums, convenience stores, shopping centers and supermarkets, residential communities, office buildings, entertainment venues, government organizations and Beijing Super Pass Add Value locations are shown in this section.

China Minsheng Bank Guomao Branch - east of present exit C, 128, Jianguo Road (1st floor, Yihang Building)

Starbucks Guomao Store: on ground floor inside Tower 1 of the China World Trade Center; exit A

Entertainment Venues
Beijing Wanda International Cinema - east of exit G, on Jianguo Road

Office Buildings
Beijing Yintai Center - exit C
Central International Trade Center - exit C

Fuxingmen McDonald's Store - exit B

Schools and Universities
ABC Foreign Language School - exit C
EIC Group - exit C
Eloquence English Club - exit C
New Oriental Elite Learning (Adult) - exits B and C
Real Life English - exit C
Vivid English Club - exit C
Wall Street English China World Tower Training Center - exit A
Wall Street English Shimao Mansion Training Center - exit A

Shopping Centers and Supermarkets
China World Mall - exit A
Wal-Mart Supercenter Jianguo Road Branch - exit B


Subway Line 1
Service interval: Minimum 2 minutes 15 seconds (3 minutes over weekends)

To Pingguoyuan (next station: Yongali):
First train: 05:02
Last train: 23:23

To Sihui East (next station: Dawanglu):
First train: 05:32
Last train: 23:43

Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Shuangjing):
First train: 05:43
Last train: 23:03

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Jintaixizhao):
First train: 05:57
Last train: 23:17

   Interchange      Exits

A 70 meter long transfer passageway is used to move passengers from one line to the other. On the Line 1 end, the two transfer tunnels are direction-split and are in the middle of Underground Level 1. Passengers using the transfer passageway will keep left.


Four more exits have been opened for the Subway Line 10 part of Guomao station. In addition to the three extra exits already built for Line 1, Guomao now has a total of 7 exits. When Exit C reopens in May 2009, Guomao will have 8 exits in all.

Lines 1 and 10 use different exits, although by means of the interchange passageways, all exits are accessible. Therefore, it is possible for a Line 1 passenger to exit using any Line 10 exit after passing through the interchange passageway; equally, a passenger entering through a Line 10 "box" (exit) can access Line 1 after using the interchange passageway.

All-underground passageways are available at exit A (in the Line 1 part) from the basement of the China World Trade Center; access is provided to both the Line 1 and Line 10 parts of the station.
Of note is the fact that no exit uses the same letter, a situation repeated at Zhichunlu station, but not at other interchanges such as Dongdan station (where there are two exit As, and so on). Line 1 uses letters A through D; Line 10 begins with exits E1 and E2.

Line 1 Part
The Line 1 part of Guomao station has three exits. All exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Underground Level 1.
Exit A (northwest): China World Trade Center - China World Shopping Mall, Jianguomen Outer Street (north), Wall Street English Training Center; Bus Routes 9, 28, 37
Exit B (northeast): Beijing Wanda International Cinema, Ciming Health Checkup Management Group Co, Ltd, China World Trade Center - China World Shopping Mall, Ciming Health Checkup Management Group Co, Ltd, Guomall Shopping Center, Jianguomen Outer Street (north), New Oriental School - Elite English Learning Center, Wal-Mart Supercenter Jianguo Road Branch, Bus Routes 9, 28, 37
Present Exit C (southeast): Jianwai SOHO, Yintai Center

Line 10 Part
The Line 10 part of Guomao station has at least four exits. All exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Underground Level 1.
Exit E (northwest): Eastern 3rd Ring Middle Road, China World Apartments, China World Hotel, Guanghua Dongli, Jianguomen Outer Street; Bus Routes 1, 4, 9, 28, 37, 348, 405, 503, 673, Special 3; Taxi stand (on side road, 25 m north of exits)
Exit E1: Guomao Bridge
Exit F (northeast): Eastern 3rd Ring Middle Road, Taida Times Center; Bus Routes 9, 28, 37, 113, 402, 405, 421, 488, 502, 683, Special 3; Taxi stand (on side road, 35 m south of exit)
Exit G (southeast): Jianguo Road, China Textile Tower, Langjiayuan; Bus Routes 1, 4, 9, 11, 28, 37, 57, 205, 312, 402, 502, 647, 648