Liuliqiao Station    

Liuliqiao is an interchange station on Line 9 and Line 10 of the Beijing Subway.

   Train Services      Platform Layout

Subway Line 9
National Library—Guogongzhuang
The first train 6:15
The last train 23:35
Guogongzhuang—National Library
The first train 5:34
The last train 22:54
Subway Line 10
The first train 5:10
The last train(Full route) 21:10
The last train(Chedaogou) 22:55
The first train 6:02
The last train(Full route) 22:11
The last train(Bagou) 23:56
The last train(Chengshousi) 22:35


Both Lines 5 and 13 use two side platforms.
Line 5: Doors will open on the right.
Line 13: Doors will open to the right.

   Station Services      Exits

Ticket sales: Ticket offices are at exit A.
Toilets: Free public toilets near exits B1 and B2.
Transfer facilities: Transfers are handled by two passageways (which can at times be narrow and crowded). Keep right.


Line 5 Part
Exit A (northwest): Municipal Highway 213, Aviation Hospital, Dongxiaokou Town, Xianghehongxing Commodity Market
Exit B (east): Anli Road, North Pearl Tower, Sinopec Party School