Sanyuanqiao Station    

Sanyuanqiao Subway Station (also known as Sanyuan Bridge Subway Station) is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 10 and Airport Express.

Sanyuanqiao Station is named for the nearby Sanyuan Bridge. It is in northeastern urban Beijing's Chaoyang District.

The station takes the shape of several boxes (one for Line 10, two for the Airport Express).

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Residential Communities
Haihuacheng - exit C
Phoenix City - exits A, B and D


Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Liangmaqiao):
First train: 05:32
Last train: 22:52

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Taiyanggong):
First train: 06:09
Last train: 23:29

Airport Express
Service interval: 15 minutes throughout

To Dongzhimen:
First train: 06:52
Last train: 23:27

To Capital International Airport:
First train: 06:04
Last train: 22:34

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Both Line 10 and the Airport Express use central island platforms.
Line 10: Doors will open to the left.
Airport Express: Doors will open to the left.


Bike: Bike sheds available
Car: No parking spaces in vicinity

Other Services
Toilets: Free public toilets on Underground Level 2.

   Interchange      Exits

There is a short (40 m), at-level transfer passageway for passengers to switch between Subway Line 10 and the Airport Express on Underground Level 1.


Sanyuanqiao Subway Station has six exits (four for Subway Line 10, and two for the Airport Express). Since through halls are used in both parts of the station, where the paid are is actually inside the through hall, this means that passengers can choose any exit from any line without having to pay the fare for the other part of the station.

Exit A (northwest): Jingshun Highway, Phoenix City, Shuguangli
Exit B (northeast): Jingshun Highway, Pheonix City, Second-Hand Electronics Market
Exit C (southeast): Haihuacheng, National Highways 101 and 111 (Jingshun Highway), Xiaguangli; Bus Routes 401, 404, 614, 916, 936, 967
Exit C1 (southeast, between Jingshun Highway and Airport Expressway): Jingshun Highway
Exit C2 (southeast, east of Airport Expressway): Xiaguangli
Exit C3 (southeast, west of Jingshun Highway): Via underpass
Exit D (southwest): Northern 3rd Ring East Road, Phoenix City; Bus Routes 359, 401, 404, 967