Zhichunlu Station    

Zhichunlu Subway Station is a subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 10 and Line 13. The Line 10 part is underground; the Line 13 part is above-ground.

The Line 10 station appears as grey and glass cubes, while the Line 13 station appears as a yellow/glass building.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Convenience Stores
7-11 - east of exit F2

Government Organizations
State Family Planning Committee - exit G

Xiamen Commerce Hotel - west of exit B

Office Buildings
China Medicine Tower - exit G
CNOOC Tower - exit G
Digital Communications Tower - exit G

Residential Communities
Hanrongjiayuan - exit G
Luozhuang Xili - exit G

Big Pizza - east of exit F2
Koufuju - east of exit F2
Pinpin Hotpot - east of exit F2
Weiduomei - east of exit Ff2

Beihang University Affiliated Middle School - exit F


Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Xitucheng):
First train: 05:12
Last train: 22:31

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Zhichunli):
First train: 06:28
Last train: 23:48

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Line 10 uses a split island platform, while Line 13 uses two side platforms.
Line 10: Doors will open to the left.
Line 13: Doors will open on the right.


Bike: Bike sheds available (between exits F1 and F2)
Car: No nearby parking lots available

Other Services
Toilets: Free public toilets available in both Line 10 and Line 13 parts (Line 10 toilets at easternmost end of underground level 2)

   Interchange      Exits

The interchange passageway between the two lines is of moderate length (60 m): passengers use either an extensive flight of stairs (down to Line 10) or two escalators (up to Line 13) to complete the transfer. Up to four storeys are covered as the Line 10 station is two floors below ground level, and the Line 13 station is above-ground!

Passengers transferring to Line 13 may be somewhat confused at the signage. Trains travelling to Wudaokou will head further east to Dongzhimen; those heading to Dazhongsi will continue as far as Xizhimen.


Zhichunlu station has a total of six exits. For the Line 10 part of the station, all exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Underground Level 1. The Line 13 part of the station uses side halls; passengers must choose their exit before leaving the above-ground platforms. Passengers wishing to transfer to Line 10 must use the southern side hall by exit B.

Subway Line 10 Part
Exit F (north): Access road to Dayuncun, Dayuncun Police Station, Zhichun Road; Bus Routes 304, 386, 641, 653, 671, 826, 851, 944; Taxi stand on side road
Exit F1 (northwest): Zhichun Road
Exit F2 (northeast): Dayuncun
Exit G (south): Luozhuang Xili, Zhichun Road; Bus Routes 304, 386, 604, 641, 653, 671, 826, 851, 944; Taxi stand on side road

Subway Line 13 Part
Exit B (east): Wal-Mart Supercenter