Dajing Station    

Dajing Station is a station on Line 14 of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services
The East Shengsi Cafeteria, Baiwanxuan – exit A
Xiabuxiabu, Baiwan Manor, Xiang E Qing, Guolin Restaurant, Shushan Macro Mansion – exit B
Subway Line 14
To Xiju(next station: Qilizhuang):
First train: 05:42
Last train: 22:22
To Zhangguozhuang (next station: Guozhuangzi):
First train: 05:48
Last train: 22:13

Dajing station has four exits (A, B, D1, D2).

Bus Transfer Information:
Exit A: Bus Routes 458, 323(rapid bus)
Exit B: Bus Routes 323, 323(rapid bus), 205(night)
Exit D1: Bus Route 458
Exit D2: Bus Route 458