Fengbo Station    

Fengbo Station is a station on Line 15 of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services
Emei Restaurant, Honglixingsheng Restaurant – exit C2

Subway Line 15

To Fengbo (the terminal station):
First train: ——
Last train: ——
To Wangjing West (next station: Shunyi):
First train: 05:45
Last train: 22:11


Bus Transfer Information:

Exit A: Bus Routes 856, 915, 915(rapid bus), 918(slow bus), 923, 924, 934, 945, 970, Shun15, Shun16, Shun18, Shun19, Shun20, Shun23, Shun24, Shun25, Shun28, Shun31, Shun32, Shun33, Shun36, Shun37, Shun39,  Shun40, Shun41, Shun45
Exit C2: Bus Routes Shun41, Shun45, Shun18, Shun20, Shun2, Shun39, Shun40, Shun45, 915, Shun31, 923, Shun19, 918, Shun28, Shun16, Shun36, Shun37