Shunyi Station    

Shunyi Station is a station on Line 15 of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Quanjincheng Korean Barbecue, Jinzhaofu Seafood Restaurant, KFC, Jinhansi, Wanfang Dolao, Gold Million Roast Duck, Beijing Dahongren Restaurant – exit A
Xiabuxiabu – exit F

Shunyi Hospital of China Medical University, Shunyi District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shunyi District Tumor Hospital – exit A

Shopping Mall
New World Department Store, Guotai Department Store, Longhua Shopping Center – exit A

  Subway Line 15
To Fengbo (next station: Fengbo):
First train: 05:54
Last train: 23:29
To Wangjing West (next station: Shimen):
First train: 05:48
Last train: 22:13

Bus Transfer Information:

Exit B: Bus Routes Shun1, Shun15, Shun16, Shun20, Shun23, Shun24, Shun25, Shun26, Shun37, Shun41, Shun45
Exit C: Bus Routes Shun1, Shun15, Shun16, Shun18, Shun19, Shun20, Shun23, Shun24, Shun25, Shun26, Shun31, Shun33, Shun37, Shun39, Shun40, Shun41, Shun45
Exit D: Bus Routes 850, 850(rapid bus), 856, 915, 915(rapid bus), 945, 989, Shun2, Shun3, Shun4, Shun11, Shun17(shuttle bus), Shun18, Shun19, Shun21,  Shun21(shuttle bus), Shun29, Shun30, Shun31, Shun33, Shun36(shuttle bus), Shun39, Shun40, Shun43, Airport 2