Jianguomen Station    

Jianguomen Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 1 and Line 2.

The station appears as a brown-marblish building.

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Entertainment Venues
Chang'an Grand Theater -- west of exit A, on Jianguomen Inner Street

Beijing Tianlun Hospital -- exit B
Beijing Tongji Male Hospital -- exit C

Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong -- southeast of exit B

Media Organizations
Internet Weekly -- exit C
Radio Beijing -- east of exit B


Subway Line 1
Service interval: Minimum 2 minutes 15 seconds (3 minutes over weekends)

To Pingguoyuan (next station: Dongdan):
First train: 05:06
Last train: 23:27

To Sihui East (next station: Yonganli):
First train: 05:27
Last train: 23:38

Subway Line 2
Service interval: Minimum 2 minutes

Clockwise (next station: Beijing Railway Station):
First train: 05:20
Last train: 23:02

Counterclockwise (next station: Chaoyangmen):
First train: 05:16
Last train: 23:22

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Lines 1 and 2 both use central island platforms.

Line 1: Doors will open to the left.
Line 2: Doors will open to the left.


Toilets: Toilets are available on underground level 1.


The interchange passageways at Jianguomen station were built early to enable an eventual Line 1 extension further east to link up with Line 2 with relative ease. Passengers transferring to Line 1 from Line 2 use the same T-shaped two-staircase changeover path as is present at Fuxingmen station, but those transferring back to Line 2 have the option of either using the interchange passageways at the far end of the Line 1 platforms or an interchange station staircase in the middle of the Line 1 part. The mid-platform interchange is bidirectional and saves quite a bit of walking time from the far-end transfer passageways. The signposted interchange passageways are signposted and refer to the mid-platform passage.