Beijing South Railway Station    

Beijing South Railway Station is a subway station on Line 4 and Line 14 of the Beijing Subway in China.It is located in Fengtai District in the municipality of Beijing under the building of Beijing South railway station, hence the name.

   Train Services  

Subway Line 4
Anheqiao North—Tiangongyuan
The first train 5:43
The last train(Tiangongyuan) 23:03
The last train(Gongyixiqiao) 23:28
Tiangongyuan—Anheqiao North
The first train 5:15
The last train  23:15
Subway Line 14
Beijing South Railway Station—Shan'gezhuang
The first train 5:30
The last train 22:40
Shan'gezhuang—Beijing South Railway Station
The first train —
The last train  —