Gaomidian North Station    

Gaomidian North Station is a station on Daxing Line of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Muslim Hotpot – exit B2
Jinghaowei Roast Duck, Guxiangyuan, Shudu Gaga Duck Head, Jinxianju Restaurant, Xiangyuan Roast Duck – exit D

Subway Daxing Line
To Tiangongyuan (next station: Gaomidian South):
First train: 06:02
Last train: 23:22
To Xingong (next station: Xihongmen):
First train: 05:48
Last train: 22:56

Bus Transfer Information:

Exit A: Bus Routes Xing 1(internal), Xing 2(external)
Exit B1: Bus Routes 631, 377, 81(suburb), Xing 14, Xing 1(internal), Xing 2(new city)
Exit D: Bus Route Xing 3(new city)