Haidian Huangzhuang Station    

Haidian Huangzhuang Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 10. The station will become an interchange station when Subway Line 4 opens on September 30, 2009.
Haidian Huangzhuang station is named for the nearby region, Huangzhuang in Haidian District. Geographically, it is located in northwestern Beijing's Haidian District. The former name of this station in earlier plans was Huangzhuang Station (地铁黄庄站) for short.
The station takes the form of two nearly all-transparent boxes with just a relatively small grey border. The livery of the station at platform level is orange with stripes to symbolize a computer circuit.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Bank of Beijing - north of exit C1
Construction Bank of China - south of exit A2

Entertainment Venues
Jinyuan International Cinema - exit A2

Haidian Hospital - northwest of exit A1

Office Buildings
Zhongfa - east of exit C1

Residential Communities
Shuangyushu Beili - exit C2
Zhichunli - exit C2

Kentucky Fried Chicken - south of exit A2
McDonald's - south of exit A1
Meizhou Dongpo - south of exit A2

Schools and Universities
Renmin University of China - exit C2
Renmin University of China Affiliated Middle School - exit C2

Shopping Centers
Carrefour Beijing Flagship Store - exit A1
e-World Zhongguancun - exit A1
Hilon Towers - exit A1
Top Electronics City - exit A1
The Gate City Mall - exit A2
Wu-Mart Hypermarket - exit C1


Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Zhichunli):
First train: 05:08
Last train: 22:28

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Suzhoujie):
First train: 06:33
Last train: 23:53

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Line 4 uses a central island platform; Line 10 uses two side platforms.
Line 4: Doors will open to the left.
Line 10: Doors will open to the right.


Bike: Bike sheds available (exit A1)
Car: No nearby parking lots available

Other Services
Toilets: Free public toilets available


Haidian Huangzhuang Subway Station has a total of six exits. Two opened when Subway Line 10 started operations on July 19, 2008; others will follow in due time.

Exit A (northwest): Haidian South Road North, Danling Street, Haidian Hospital, Hailong Plaza, Megabox Cinemas, New Zhongguancun Center, Zhongguancun Shopping Mall, Zhongguancun Street
Exit A1 (northwest, north): Haidian South Road; Bus Routes 304, 386, 630, 671, 851
Exit A2 (northwest, south): The Gate City Mall; Bus Routes 320, 332, 355, 697, 717, 718; Taxi stand (on Haidian South Road)
Exit C (southeast): Zhichun Road; Zhongguancun Street, Beijing Modern Plaza, EverCare Long Island Hospital, Zhichun Road, Zhichun Towers, Zhongfa Electronics Towers, Zhongguancun Hospital
Exit C1 (southeast, north): Zhichun Road; Bus Routes 304, 386, 630, 653, 671, 851, 944; Taxi stand (on Haidian South Road south side road)
Exit C2 (southeast, south): Zhongguancun Road; Bus Routes 302, 717, 731, Bus 801; Taxi stand (on Haidian South Road)