Xidan Station    

Xidan Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 1. It will become a future interchange station with Subway Line 4 beginning on September 28, 2009.

Xidan is named for the nearby Xidan region, including Xidan Crossing. The station is often full of young people flocking to the Xidan shopping area.

The station appears as large, glass-and-metal "open boxes" in a more modern style than earlier subway stations.

   Train Services      Platform Layout

Subway Line 1
Service interval: Minimum 2 minutes 15 seconds (3 minutes over weekends)

To Pingguoyuan (next station: Fuxingmen):
First train: 05:17
Last train: 23:38

To Sihui East (next station: Tian'anmen West):
First train: 05:17
Last train: 23:28


Line 1 uses a central island platform. Line 4 is expected to also use a central island platform.

Line 1: Doors will open to the left.
Line 4: Doors will open to the left.

   Station Services      Exits

Toilets: Free public toilets are outside the paid area on Underground Level 1 at the access passage to Exit A.

Police office: Available at this station


The Line 1 part of Xidan station has five exits. All exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Underground Level 1. The Line 4 part of the station is expected to have five exits.

Line 1 Part
Exit A (northwest): West Chang'an Avenue North, Beijing Strategy, Capital Cinema, Grand Pacific Department Store, Huawei Building, Joy City, Xidan Guangchang McDonald's, Zhongyou Department Store
Exit B (north): West Chang'an Avenue North, Bank of Communications Xidan Sub-Branch, Xidan Mingzhu Market Gaodeng Tower, Xidan Mingzhu McDonald's, Young World Shopping Center
Exit C (northeast): Aviation Building, Beijing Books Building
Exit D (southeast): West Chang'an Avenue South, Beijing Concert Hall
Exit E (southwest): West Chang'an Avenue South, ABC Foreign Languages School, Beijing Capital Times Square, Beijing No. 2 Hospital, China Everbright Bank Beijing Branch, Dawn Male Hospital of Beijing

Line 4 Part
Exit A (northwest): Bank of China
Exit B (northeast): 77th Street, Xidan Cultural Plaza
Exit C (southeast): Beijing Capital Times Square
Exit D (southwest): China Everbright Bank