Xizhimen Station    

Xizhimen Subway Station is a subway station on the Beijing Subway's Subway Lines 2 and 13. By 2009, Subway Line 4 will also call at this station.

The station is amongst one of the most complex (and at that, one of the most complicated) subway station in the city, with two different stations catering to two different lines. The underground portion serves Subway Line 2, while the above-ground part serves Subway Line 13.

Xizhimen station is also linked with the Beijing North Railway Station, where national railway services, as well as the Beijing Suburban Railway Line 2, call at.

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Lines 2 and 4 use central island platforms. Line 13 uses two side platforms with a central island platform in the middle. Passengers enter the Line 13 part from one platform and leave through on the other; this station makes use of the Spanish solution arrangement.

Line 2: Doors will open on the left.
Line 4: Doors will open on the left.
Line 13: Doors will open on the left for exiting passengers; the other set will be used for passengers boarding the train.


Toilets: Toilets are available behind the staircases on underground level 2 in the Line 2 part.


The layout of exits at Xizhimen can easily be confusing.

In the Line 2 part of Xizhimen station, there is exit A, which is entrance-only and accessible only for transferring passengers, and exits A1 and A2, which are exit only. Exits B, C and a newly consolidated exit D are also available. Side halls are used in the Line 2 part of the station; exits A and B are in the northern side hall, while exits C and D are in the southern side hall. Two previous exits near the side road (ie the old exits B and C) have been decommissioned and are no longer accessible.

In the Line 13 part of Xizhimen station, only exit A is presently accessible.