Huixinxijie Nankou Station    

Huixinxijie Nankou Subway Station (also known as Huixin West Street South Crossing Subway Station) is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 5. The station became an interchange station when Subway Line 10 opened July 19, 2008.

Huixinxijie Nankou station is named for the nearby southern crossing on Huixin West Street.

The station consists of four grey-and-glass boxes as exits. The livery of the station at platform level for both lines is white.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Government Organizations
China Daily - exit B
Ministry of Transport Planning Academy - exit B

Beijing Tibetan Medical Hospital - exit A

Family Inn Hotel - exit A

Jimei Supermarket - exit A


Subway Line 5
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes

To Songjiazhuang (next station: Hepingxiqiao):
First train: 05:18
Last train: 23:06

To Tiantongyuan North (next station: Huixinxijie Beikou):
First train: 05:48
Last train: 23:39

Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Shaoyaoju):
First train: 05:24
Last train: 22:44

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Anzhenmen):
First train: 06:16
Last train: 23:36

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Line 5 uses a central island platform. Line 10 uses two side platforms.
Line 5: Doors will open on the left.
Line 10: Doors will open to the right.


Bike: Bike sheds available (exits C and D)
Car: No nearby parking lots available

Other Services
Toilets: Free public toilets available at northernmost end of western platform (Line 5 part)

   Interchange      Exits

Interchange facilities were designed with ease of accessibility in mind, especially for those transferring between Lines 5 and 10, as well as between opposite directions on Line 5. Line 10 passengers wishing to change directions must go through the Line 5 part first, or use a special Line 10 only directional transfer passage.


Huixinxijie Nankou station has four exits. Line 5 and Line 10 passengers use the same exits. This station uses side halls on Underground Level 1. Exits A and D in the western side hall; exits B and C are in the eastern side hall. Passengers must choose their exit in advance before leaving the platforms on Underground Level 2.

Exit A (northwest): Huixin West Street, Beijing Tibetan Hospital, China Aviation Information Center, Xiaoguan Primary School; Bus Routes 125, 464; Taxi stand
Exit B (northeast): Beitucheng East Road, National Mayor Training Center, Beijing Exit-Entry Quarantine Bureau, Bus Routes 125, 464; Taxi stand
Exit C (southeast): Yinghuayuan West Street, Yinghuayuan, Yuan Dadu City Wall Site Park, Bus Route 101, 125, 464; Taxi stand
Exit D (southwest): Yinghuayuan West Street, Anzhen Yayuan, Shenggu Beili, Bus Route 464; Taxi stand