Shilipu Station    

Shilipu Station is a station on Line 6 of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Hallasan, Korean Cattle Barbecue – exit A
Straw Hat Fish – exit B
Lijingwan International Hotel (Western-style Restaurant) – exit C
Zhaoyang Hunan Cuisine, Hot Girl Chongqing Hot Pot – exit D

Beijing Yingzhi Rehabilitation Hospital – exit D


Subway Line 6

To Caofang (next station: Qingnianlu):
First train: 06:01
Last train: 23:54
To Haidian Wuluju (next station: Jintailu):
First train: 05:29
Last train: 23:20


Shilipu station has four exits (Exit A, B, C, D).

Bus Transfer Information:
Exit B: Bus Routes 306, 682, 675, 75, 595, 440, 486, 640
Exit C: Bus Routes 595
Exit D: Bus Routes 126, 486, 78, 306, 440