Beitucheng Station    

Beitucheng Subway Station is an underground subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 8 and Line 10. Earlier plans named this station Xiongmaohuandao (Panda Roundabout) Subway Station (地铁熊猫环岛站).

Beitucheng station is amongst one of the largest Subway stations in the entire Beijing Subway network. This is the case as it is a major interchange with a trunk ring line (Line 10) and a major line for the Beijing Olympics (Line 8).

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Chinese Nationalities Park - exit A (front gate) or exit D2
Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park - exit C2

Residential Communities
Anzhen Xili - exit C2
Yumin Dongli - exit D1

Shopping Centers
Aika Outlets - exit A


Subway Line 8
Service interval: 7 minutes

To South Gate of Forest Park (next station: Olympic Sports Center):
First train: 06:32
Last train: 22:36

Subway Line 10
Service interval: Minimum 3 minutes 30 seconds

Clockwise to Jinsong (next station: Anzhenmen):
First train: 05:20
Last train: 22:40

Counterclockwise to Bagou (next station: Jiandemen):
First train: 06:20
Last train: 23:40

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Both Lines 8 and 10 use central platforms.
Subway Line 8: Doors will open to the left.
Subway Line 10: Doors will open to the left.


Bike: No bike sheds are available

Other Services
Toilets: Free public toilets at the - end of underground level 3

   Interchange      Exits

Transfers between Line 10 and Line 8 vary between quick and somewhat awkward. Passengers headed for Line 8 from Line 10 use a quick staircase; however, for those transferring back to Line 10, a separate, and longer, transfer passageway is used.


Beitucheng Subway Station has six exits. All exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Underground Level 1. Line 8 passengers are closest to exits A and B; Line 10 passengers are closest to exits C1, C2, D1 and D2. You may need to use interchange passageways to reach your exit.

Exit A (Line 8) (northwest): - Aika Outlets, Beichen Road West, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, Nationality Avenue; Bus Routes 407, 839; Taxi stand
Exit B (Line 8) (northeast): - Beichen Road East, Nationality Avenue; Bus Routes 407, 839; Taxi stand
Exit C1 (Line 10) (southeast): - Beichen Road, National Olympic Sports Center; Bus Routes 113, 380, 407, 409, 694, 839, Special 2
Exit C2 (Line 10) (southeast): - Beitucheng East Road, Anzhen Xili, Jian'an East Road, Yuan Dynasty City Relics Park
Exit D1 (Line 10) (southwest): - Beitucheng West Road, Beijing Yuanshan Hotel, Yuan Dynasty City Relics Park, Yumin Dongli; Bus Routes 21, 113, 380, 407, 409, 645, 653, 694, 839, 849; Taxi stand
Exit D2 (Line 10) (southwest): - Nationality Park, Aijia Outlets, Yaao Shimao Mall; Bus Routes 21, 113, 407, 645, 653, 839