Liuliqiao Station    

Liuliqiao is an interchange station at Line 9 and Line 10.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services
Guangan Tianyuan Hotel, Jiaochengshan Hotel, Guangan Road

Subway Line 9
Service intervals: 4 minutes at rush hours
To Chegongzhuang: (next station: Qilizhuang)
First train: 06:14
Last train: 23:34
To National Library: (next station: Liuliqiao East)
First train: 05:34
Last train: 22:54

Subway Line 10
Intervals: at present, Line 10 is in operation in two circles at rush hours with its own interval time:
Interval of small circle (Songjiazhuang to Chedaogou): about 2 mins and 30 secs
Interval of big circle (from Shoujingmao to Xiju): about 5 mins
To Shoujingmao (next station: Lianhuaqiao)
First train: 05:23
Last train: 22:07
To Xiju (next station: Xiju)
First train: 05:10
Last train: 23:20


Liuliqiao Station has 7 exits.
A exit
B 1exit: 309, 339, 340, 477, 568, 941 express, 942, 982
B2 exit: 568
C exit
D exit
E exit
F exit