Nanluoguxiang Station    

Nanluoguxiang Station is an interchange station on Line 6 and Line 8 of the Beijing Subway.

   In the Vicinity      Train Services

Houtaichu, Longhaixin Bath Buffet – exit A
Dujiangyuan, Cambulac Red Wine Bar, Shuherenjia, Shibachashan, Hanzhenyuan International Restaurant – exit B

Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital – exit B


Subway Line 6
To Caofang (next station: Dongsi):
First train: 05:44
Last train: 23:37
To Haidian Wuluju (next station: Beihai North):
First train: 05:47
Last train: 23:38

Subway Line 8
To Nanluoguxiang (the terminal station):
First train: ——
Last train: ——
To Zhuxinzhuang (next station: Shichahai):
First train: 05:30
Last train: 23:00


Nanluoguxiang station has two exits (exits A and B).

Bus Transfer Information:
Exit A: Bus Routes 13, 60, 118, 612, 623
Exit B: Bus Routes 13, 60, 118, 612, 62