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Sihui East    
   About Sihui East Subway Station      Train Services

Sihui East Subway Station is a ground-level subway station on the Beijing Subway's Line 1 and the Subway Batong Line.

Sihui East station is so named as it is some distance east of Sihui Bridge.

The station appears as a white building.


Subway Line 1
Service interval: Minimum 2 minutes 15 seconds (3 minutes over weekends)

To Pingguoyuan (next station: Sihui):
First train: 05:04
Last train: 23:14

Subway Batong Line
Service interval: Template:MBatongInterval

To Sihui (next stop: Sihui):
First train: 05:47
Last train: 22:32

To Tuqiao (next station: Gaobeidian:
First train: 06:02
Last train: 22:47

   Platform Layout      Station Services

Sihui East station uses two central island platforms, forming altogether four platforms.

Line 1: Doors will open to the right.
Batong Line: Doors will open to the right.


Toilets: Toilets are available on the upper level.


Sihui station has four exits, which are shared with Line 1 and the Batong Line. All exits are accessible by means of a through hall on Upper Level 1.

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