Foreign Language Festival 2018


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Last weekend I visited the 2018 Beijing Foreign Language Festival at the main venue at Beijing Chaoyang Park for the second time. The theme of the event is "learn foreign languages, promote exchanges and prepare for the Olympic Winter Games". This theme continues from last years event. There were about 20 activities at different areas in orange, red, blue, green and gold at the main area.

The goal of the festival is to exchange foreign language learning experiences and display foreign language learning results, aiming to stimulate citizens' enthusiasm for learning foreign languages, promote citizens' understanding of cultures of different countries and improve citizens' foreign language communication level and international communication ability.

On a note, my experience in Beijing is that the intercultural exchange works quite well and Beijing demonstrates a good example to follow the festivals goal. Beijing Foreign Language Festival is the only large city-wide garden activity on the theme of “foreign language exchange and learning” in Beijing.

I went with my children who enjoyed the shows and traditional Chinese arts and craft activities. Like last year there had been many booth offering books on learning a foreign language, notably most on how to learn English. All was set up to encourage learning a foreign language and seek cultural exchanges. That what makes life interesting and rich.

In many performances, Chinese culture were presented and encouraged visitors to join in. Also, children had fun with a dedicated kid’s area. Here children and their parents could spend some time on handicraft and learning the first words in a new language. Countries from all around the world presented their culture and languages to motivate Chinese learning their language.

Although it was targeted to Chinese Audience, we enjoyed the festival, especially the shows and the information. A good opportunity for Chinese and foreigners to get in touch with other languages and culture.

19th of October 2018