Visit of the ICCIE 2018


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Founded in 2006, the ICCIE, which stand for International Cultural and Creativity Industry Expo, is an international exhibition in Beijing. It is held in the China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue), from October 25 until 28. It has been held for thirteen consecutive years and has develop as an important platform for the cultural construction in Beijing.

Visitors could visit this exhibition for free.

In 12 halls ICCIE will hold more than 100 activities, covering five series of exhibition, forums, trade promotions, creative activities. There are 20 thematic pavilions, including the exhibition on the frontier of national cultural center, the exhibition on Beijing cultural and creative industry; the exhibition on collaborative cultural innovation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei; the third exhibition on featured cultures of countries along the "Belt and Road"; the exhibition on Yongding River culture in the Western Hills; the exhibition on language industry; Beijing international exhibition on resources for the popularization of science and many more.

Most of the exhibition focuses on local art and culture but 2 themes focus on international trade and relationship. With the 3rd “Colorful World—Exhibition of Distinctive Culture of Nations along the ‘Belt and Road’”, which is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government Press Office and organized by Beijing This Month Publications and the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Center, the ICCIE will continue to diverse international cultural elements to give full expression to the dazzling charms of the countries along the Belt and Road.

It is reported that more than 40 embassies in Beijing will be invited to this year's “Colorful World—Exhibition of Distinctive Culture of Nations along the ‘Belt and Road’” in Pavilion 8A.

During my visit I saw many cultural shows, like Beijing Opera or a special tea ceremony. I enjoyed watching Chinese customs and beautiful painted porcelain. Visitors could whiteness the modernization of the country while keeping traditional customs alive. From newest technology of drones or TV equipment to old style tea pots or the art of calligraphy.

And when you felt tired after all the walking and trying, you could even have a massage to freshen you up. This exhibition is definitely worth a visit.