2008 December - Panjiayuan Shopping
2009 January - Gift Shopping
2009 February- Grocery Shopping
2009 March - Using Transportation
2009 April - Breakfast in Beijing
2009 May - Boating to the Summer Palace
2009 June - Using Services
2009 July - Visiting the 'Xuanwu' District
2009 August - Vacationing
2009 September - Visiting the Ritan Park Area
2009 October - Enjoying the 60th Anniversary
November - Visiting the Botanical Gardens and the Fragrant Hills Park
December - Visiting Yuanmingyuan and the Poly Museum
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The Village Mall
Sanlitun: Courtyard 19, Sanlitun Road


Element Fresh Restaurant
Sanlitun-58-31, The Village at Sanlitun, 19 Sanlitun Road

Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park
No 6 Chaoyang Park Road
(North- Western Lake Side of Chaoyang Park)

All Star Sports Bar and Grill
(located on the east side of Solana Plaza, closer to the north gate of Chaoyang Park) Solana #5 -1, #6 Chaoyang Park Road


Sunshine Secret Hair Salon
1/F Longge Apartment, (ground floor facing the street)
 No 15 ChaoyangPark West Road


John's Computer Service
First Floor #6
Huaqingyiayuan Haidian District
(close to Wudaokou Subway station)


The Village Mall
Telephone 6417-6110


Element Fresh Restaurant
Telephone 6417-1318


Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park
Telephone 5905-6565

All Star Sports Bar and Grill
Telephone 5905-6999


Sunshine Secret Hair Salon
Telephone 13311282919


John's Computer Service
Telephone 8982-5043


1. The Village Mall: Take bus 113, 115, 118, 406, 416, 431, 701, 758 to Sanlitun station

2. Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park: Take bus 419, 420, 985, 701, 688 to Anjialou station

Other Tips:

Betty's Picks:

New Plazas
1. The Village
2. Solana


New Restaurants
1. All Star Sports Bar and Grill
2. Element Fresh


Hair Salon
Sunshine Secret


Computer Sales and Service
John's PC

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