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Multiple Measures and Targeted Efforts
Striving for a Stable, Equitable, Transparent and Predictable Business Environment

March 18th, 2018
Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform

Friends from the media:
Good morning. Thank you for attending today's press conference themed "For a Better Business Environment, Beijing Is on the Move". To further implement the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, in accordance with the strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further improving business environment and the working arrangement made by the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, on the basis of launching a pioneering action plan and a list of 136 measures last year, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has joined hands with the municipal finance bureau, municipal commission of city planning and land resources, municipal city management commission, municipal commission of commerce, municipal industrial and commercial bureau, municipal bureau of financial work, municipal high people's court, Beijing electric power corporation, and other departments, formulated a set of targeted policies and measures for optimizing the business environment focusing on solving problems, achieving goals and producing results, and put in place a "9+N" policy system, to build a stable, equitable, transparent and predictable business environment.

At the time of the exciting NPC and CPPCC sessions (the two sessions) which has already drawn attention from all over the world, we are releasing these policies to the public. It is not only an important action by the municipal party committee and municipal government taking a lead in the country to implement the spirit of "two sessions", but also a representation of the whole city's conviction and determination to accelerate implementation of the strategic positioning of the capital city, and to promote high-quality development. Next, I will brief you about the overall situation of the policies.

First, major actions and considerations.

The first is to promote the work in a top-down manner and to speed up forming a work pattern featuring whole-city concerted actions. Last July, General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out at the 16th meeting of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs, that "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other mega-cities shall take the lead in enhancing reform of the business environment. Premier Li Keqiang, pointed out in this year's report on the work of the government, that "optimizing the business environment is to emancipate productive forces and to boost competitiveness". The CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government highly value business environment improvement. Secretary Cai Qi and Mayor Chen Jining have both engaged in person, to coordinate efforts in solving problems, to deploy people for important missions, and to inspect each policy to be launched. Since the beginning of this year, focusing on the "9+N" policy, the municipal leadership has held 35 coordination meetings, and 158 inter-department coordination meetings are held. The whole city's 61 departments and 16 districts have joined hands to create a business environment compatible with our goal of building a world-class metropolis that is harmonious and livable. 

The second is to hold ourselves against the top benchmark, and strive to reach a new high in creating an internationalized business environment. We aim to make the business environment more law-based, internationalized and convenient. We will learn from advanced international standards, adopt the world bank business environment report methodology and comply with international practices in designing the reform policy. For example, in corporate cross-border trade, we will take multiple measures to optimize customs clearance and inspections, facilitate paper work, promote the use of international trade "single window", take the initiative to introduce internationally-accepted industrial regulations and management standards, and thus make our rules for business doing more internationalized.

The third is systematic optimization and substantially improving the quality of full life-circle corporate services. We aim to build a service-oriented government and further raise our ability to serve the enterprises. We will focus on key links such as construction permit, establishment registration, taxation, power access, cross-border trade, credit access, and property registration. We will listen to companies raising their needs, and on the basis of that earnestly analyze restricting factors, increase efforts to overcome difficulties of the reform, and strive to provide more accessible, considerate and customized services to enterprises.

The forth is to streamline administration, delegate power and further implement "three cuts, one transparent" reform initiative. Focusing on cutting steps, time and cost and increasing transparency, we are working hard to advance the reform of "streamlining administration, delegating power, innovating in regulation and improving government services", speed up the development of "Internet plus administrative service", innovate in service patterns, optimize service procedures, and strive for creating a business environment with the simplest approval, the greatest efficiency, and the best services for companies, and thus enhance the role of companies as market entities and relieve companies of their burdens to the maximum extent.

The fifth is to value effectiveness and address "the last kilometer" problem. To ensure effectiveness of the policies, we on the one hand will carry out trainings for basic level staff of all units of the city; make sure that everyone understands the policy, reform measures, and operation procedures; raise their sense of providing services, improve service efficiency, and thoroughly implement policies without compromise. On the other hand, we will actively set up various channels to communicate with companies, to make relevant policies better known and better implemented.

Second, main policies and measures.

The "9+N" policy system launched in Beijing Municipality targets the "pains, difficulties and obstacles" of the business environment. In accordance with the principle of "three cuts, one transparent", we will accurately adopt policies, make key breakthroughs, and thus constantly increase the sense of gain by companies and the society from Beijing's reform of improving business environment.

The first is to streamline procedures. We are simplifying and incorporating everything that can be simplified and incorporated, to save companies from running extra errands, help them get things done in an easier way with less trouble. For instance, in the approval of private-invested construction projects, we will implement management by category, simplify pre-conditions for approval, build collaboration platform of "incorporated regulations" for construction projects, optimize technical evaluation steps, put in place work mechanisms for construction drawings joint examination and project completion and acceptance joint approval, and make it clear that private-invested housing construction projects are no longer required to go through bidding and tendering for design and construction. In terms of power access, we will cut down the number and categories of documentation required for power access application, cancel small and micro companies' internal project drawing examination and intermediate inspection, with the power access approval steps cut down from 6 to 3. As for tax payment, we will bring up a list of items requiring "at maximum one trip" and a list of items "with no trip" required, which means that tax payers can process items on their to-do list online or make only one trip to the tax authority office. We will optimize the procedure for registering and opening accounts of public accumulation funds for housing, simplify paper work from the originally required 6 application forms to just one. In terms of real estate registration, we will promote the "Internet plus real estate registration" reform, adopt a "one window service" measure, integrate the former three departments handling trade, taxation and registration into one; and with internal circulation and joint approval, the steps will be reduced.

The second is to save time. We will simplify everything that can be simplified, to shorten the starting time and approval time of company establishment. In terms of starting a business, we will promote to set up district-level business creation administration halls, realize "one door and one window" service, promote the whole-process electronic business registration, and online application registration can be processed within the day at the quickest pace. We will expand the scopes for name self-checking and preliminary checking, and the quickest name registration can be completed within 20 minutes. Business registration will be shortened from 8 work days to 1-3 work days. A quick pass package will be launched for first-timer applications of VAT invoice, and the invoice issuance time will be cut from 10 days to one day. As for construction permit, the procedure for private-invested construction projects can be decreased to within 45 work days. In terms of city utility connection, we have shifted our focus from approval to supervision, from linage connection to parallel connection, and thus promised to have the total administrative procedure completed within 40 work days. As for property registration, we are actively establishing "Internet plus real estate registration", and the process can be shortened to 1-5 work days. As for cross-border trade, we will enhance cooperation between Beijing and Tianjin, and increased facilitation in the Beijing-Tianjin port cross-border trade. Certificate of Origin can be issued within 2 hours, and applications for automatic import permit and export permit issued by the commerce authorities of Beijing and Tianjin can be approved within one work day. We are promoting to have the whole inspection and quarantine process completed online, cutting the processing time from 36 hours to two hours.

The third is to cut cost. Beijing Municipality relieved companies and the society of burdens worth more than 40 billion yuan last year, and on the basis of that, we are once again substantially streamlining administration, cutting tax and reducing charges, to further stimulate vitality of market entities. As for company establishment, we will improve the automatic record-filing system for official seals manufactured, provide free official seal making service for companies, which saves a cost of 300 yuan on average and presumably 60 million yuan for companies each year. In terms of cross-border trade, we are removing and regulating on unreasonable charges at ports as reflected by companies strongly, investigating and punishing all charges violating the rules and the law, to ensure the legitimate interests of companies. As for power access, we are implementing a "three zeros" special service campaign for small and micro-sized enterprises, that is "Zero Visit, Zero Approval, and Zero Investment". Based on calculations of the data in 2017, it is estimated that we can help clients save 1.2 billion yuan worth of external power investment.

The forth is to increase transparency. In line with the principle of openness, fairness and equity, we have made clear standards for handling administrative affairs and promoted open government information to subject ourselves to corporate and social supervision. In terms of open policy formulation, all "9+N" policies and measures will be publicized on E-Beijing, the official website of the Beijing Municipal government and other official websites of related authorities. Procedures, fees, promised deadlines and regulatory policies concerning business climate optimization will be publicized on the above-mentioned official websites in both Chinese and English. To advance open government through IT application, we will do the following things. We will, based on online approval supervision platforms city-wide, promote "universal on-line approval" concerning 15 government departments and 16 municipal districts for examination and approval of construction projects. We will put in place an interconnected online service system for business creation. In line with the principle of "no repetition in data collection, information sharing and coordination in processing", information sharing and exchange standards will be harmonized between different government departments to make sure smooth sharing is delivered across different hierarchies and departments, so that business-creation related matters can be gradually processed online. In taxation, we will integrate state and local taxation services, coordinate tax collection and management, and share information. In credit services, we will improve and increase the number of services provided by the "Credit Beijing" website and the Beijing Corporate Credit Information System website.
Optimizing business climate is a systemic project. The "9+N" policies represent only a starting point rather than the finishing line of our efforts. We must bear in mind both long-term and short-term goals and make persistent efforts to see our tasks through. Going forward, we will hire reliable third party organizations to conduct policy impact evaluation. We will continue to explore and review, and formulate a 3-year action plan to reform and improve our business climate on the occasion of the third year anniversary of the pilot program for opening up wider the city's service sector and the 40th anniversary of innovation-driven Z-Park development. We are convinced that, with our unremitting efforts, we will surely build Beijing into a world-class metropolis featuring an enabling business climate and a bellwether for the country's new economic system characterized by opening up.  
This is end of my introduction. Thank you!