Source Control


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1. Urban functions and spatial layout will be optimized. Beijing will carefully implement its urban master plan and major function zoning, promote regional and industrial development by type, reasonably control the development intensity and perfect the functional layout, so as to creating an urban spatial layout in favor of atmospheric pollutants dispersion.

2. Population size will be reasonably controlled. Beijing will adhere to harmonized development of population, resources and environment and unification of economic, social and ecological benefits, reasonably control the population size and optimize population spatial layout.

3. Vehicle ownership will be strictly controlled. Beijing will control the number of vehicles within 6 million by the end of 2017, in order to reduce pollution emissions resulting from excessive growth of vehicle ownership.

4. Resource and environmental admittance constraints will be strengthened. Beijing will ban the construction of projects featuring high energy consumption and high pollution and labor-intensive general manufacturing projects. Also, Beijing will raise energy-saving and environmental admittance threshold, introduce sound admittance conditions for key industries and explore and establish an enterprise dynamic management mechanism conforming to admittance conditions.