Industrial Structure Optimization


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Beijing will further improve the standards on environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and quality, quicken closure of obsolete capacities, orderly develop the hi-tech industry and strategic emerging industries, promote cleaner production, build eco-industrial parks and constantly boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, so that the proportion of the tertiary industry will reach 78% and 79% respectively by 2015 and 2017.

1. Polluting capacities will be eliminated and compressed.
By 2017, cement capacity will be compressed from 10 million tons at the early stage of the 12th Five-Year Plan period to about 4 million tons, with the reserved capacity to be used for co-processing of hazardous wastes. The oil-refining scale will be controlled at 10 million tons.

2. Small polluting enterprises will be rectified.
By 2016, 1,200 small polluting enterprises will be closed; by 2017, pollution will be effectively controlled.

3. Eco-industrial parks will be built.
By 2017, eco-industrial parks will be basically built in 19 industrial development zones at and above city level as per Standard for National Demonstration Eco-industrial Parks.

4. Cleaner production will be pursued.
By 2017, more than 400 enterprises will be organized to complete cleaner production review; pollution intensity of iron & steel, cement, chemical, petrochemical and other key industries will decrease by more than 30% compared with the level of 2012.