Urban Refined Management

Date:2017-08-30      Source:eBeijing.gov.cn

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Beijing will strengthen urban refined management and regulation enforcement, focus on treatment and control of multi-point, serious and wide-range pollution such as construction dust, litters on roads, open-air barbeque, commercial coal combustion and vehicle emissions, urge polluting units to perfect their pollution prevention and control facilities, and regulate operation and management, so as to practically yield emission reduction benefits. By 2017, dust fall will decrease by about 20% compared with the level of 2012.
1. Construction dust pollution will be strictly controlled.

2. Road dust pollution will be strictly controlled. By 2017, the coverage of new process operations will reach more than 87% in Beijing; reclaimed water will be further used to wash roads at and above sub-arterial level in central urban area and built-up areas in suburban districts and counties. The amount of reclaimed water used for washing under normal operating conditions will reach 300,000m3 per day.

Strict control will be exercised over:
3. -domestic waste pollution. By 2017, the treatment of informal landfills will be basically completed.
4. -pollution such as open-air barbeque and cooking oil fume.

5.  Strict regulation will be carried out over vehicle use and fuel quality.
6.  Illegal polluters will be rectified.
7.  The capability of environmental monitoring and regulation will be improved.