Self-disciplined Pollution Control Actions of Enterprises


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Enterprises shoulder the dual responsibility of both economic development and environmental protection, and play an important role in pollution reduction. On the one hand, enterprises should be more self-disciplined to consciously comply with environmental laws and regulations, and guarantee normal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities; on the other hand, the government should build a platform to encourage enterprises to deepen environmental protection management, introduce advanced pollution control technologies, tap the potential in energy conservation and emission reduction, and reduce pollutant emissions.

1. Industrial enterprises should actively take in and draw on the advanced experience of domestic and overseas counterparts in pollution prevention and control to strengthen pollution control.

2. Construction enterprises should carefully implement green construction management requirements and the system of being responsible for general sanitation, green covering and good social order in front of them. They should consciously select low-emission dump trucks, employ new technologies and measures, and actively use eco-friendly coatings, paintings and solvents.

3. Transportation enterprises should actively pursue green transport, proactively purchase and use low-emission transport vehicles and new energy vehicles, strengthen vehicle maintenance, economize on fuel and let out qualified emissions, and eradicate litters.

4. Environmental sanitation enterprises should adopt the new process of integrated road sweeping and cleaning, popularize road washing with reclaimed water, increase road cleanliness and eradicate illegal behaviors, for example, burning fallen leaves and garbage in the open air.

5. Catering enterprises should consciously use clean energy, refuse fired coal and eradicate behaviors such as open-air barbeque and barbeque with emissions to the atmosphere; they should consciously install fume purification facilities, strengthen daily maintenance, clean up flues on a regular basis and guarantee qualified emission of pollutants.

6. Other service enterprises should vigorously carry out wall and roof greening, energy conservation transformation, power-saving transformation of nightscape lighting and clean energy transformation of heating facilities.