Dongsi Hutong Museum is located at No. 77, Dongsi 4 Tiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, and is under the jurisdiction of Dongsi Street Community. The courtyard covers an area of 1,023 square meters with three units in a row of 20, 22, and 261 square meters respectively separated by the main gates. The whole courtyard was built at around 1940 and as a typical three-unit Siheyuan, it was originally the office of the Dongsi Police Station. Read More

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    A Space for Communication

    The third unit of the Dongsi Hutong Museum is for cultural exchange with one multi-function hall and 2 meeting rooms, equipped with professional and international hardware more>


    Since the opening of Dongsi Hutong Museum, various cultural exhibitions such as exhibitions, experience activities, and salon lectures have been more>

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