Application for Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-End Talents


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XIX Application for Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-End Talents

1. Form of applying for the Confirmation Letter for Foreign High-End Talents

After completing the form online and printing it out, the applicant shall sign on it (photocopy or fax), affix the employer's official or authorized seal, and upload it to the system.

2. Original of letter of invitation from a domestic inviter

The contents shall include the applicant's name, nationality, passport number, proposed entry data and reason for entry and shall be affixed with the official seal of the domestic employer.

3. The Applicant's passport or international travel documents

The information page on passport or international travel document (valid for more than six months).

4. Bareheaded and full-faced photo of the Applicant taken within the past six months

Bareheaded electronic photo taken recently, with white background, frameless, with complete facial features, and the image shall be clear and free of spots, flaws or ink defects. It shall be made into a JPG document in a size ranged in 40K-120k, with the resolution no lower than 354(W)*472(H) pixel but no higher than 420(W)*560(H), and 24-bit true color. Hats or headscarves are not recommended; if the Applicant has to wear it for religious reasons, make sure it does not cover the entire face.

5. Materials for demonstrating compliance with the identification criteria of foreign high-end talents (category-A)

(1) For foreign high-end talents (category-A), relevant materials demonstrating compliance with the identification conditions shall be provided according to the Classification Criteria for Foreigners Working in China (Provisional). For example: 1) Foreign talents included in the domestic talent introduction program shall provide relevant certificates, supporting documents or certifying documents for including the candidate in the program (documents issued and list). 2) Foreign talents meeting the internationally recognized professional achievement identification standard shall submit relevant rewards, award certificates or supporting materials. 3) Innovation and entrepreneurship talents shall submit a corporate capital verification report (paid-up registered capital) issued in the past 12 months and other investment certificates as well as relevant supporting materials for independent intellectual property rights (such as major technical inventions and patents) or proprietary technologies.

(2) For certifying materials not in Chinese, the translated documents in Chinese are required, which shall be affixed with the employer's official seal (except for passport or international travel documents).