Standing amid the sea of flowers in the park, you can see that spring has come to every corner of the capital. The flowers greet you, growing between red walls and green tiles, showing vitality and new life. They are messengers of spring, inviting you to relax body and soul and move into nature.

Begonia Festival in the
Yuan Dynasty Relics Park
Pediment Festival in the
Baiwangshan Mountain
Cherry Blossoms Culture
Festival in the Yuyuantan Park
Fenghuangling Apricot
Blossom Festival
Peach Blossom Festival in the
Beijing Botanic Garden
Plum Blossom Festival in the
Wall Park of Ming Dynasty
Magnolia Festival in the
International Sculpture Park
Tulip Show
in the Zhongshan Park
Clove Festival
in the Jietai Temple
Peony Show
in the Jingshan Park
Bloom Calendar
Apricot blossoms Cherry blossoms
Magnolias Cloves
Begonias Pear blossoms
Peonies Peach blossoms
Keep Away from Poisonous Flowers, Bee Stings and Mushrooms during Spring Outings
When people go out for a spring walk to enjoy the warm weather and blooming season, they should they never ignore the safety risks that may accompany these delights.
Seven Aspects That Need to Be Refrained From During Springtime Outings
In spring people are willing to go outside to relax themselves. However, there are seven aspects need to be refrained about spring outing.
Be Cautious of Pollen Allergy during Spring Outing
With the weather warming up and the sun coming out, people usually go out to enjoy the spring season. Many people may encounter symptoms such as sniveling, sneezing and skin irritation that may resemble symptoms of the common cold; however, these are also symptoms of allergies.
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