In order to provide a more convenient and pragmatic entry and exit environment for Chinese having foreign nationality to work, study and live in China, the Ministry of Public Security has decided to further optimize the measures for entry, exit, stay and residence of Chinese having foreign nationality, stipulating that as of February 1, 2019, the maximum valid period during which a visa may be used for several times is extended from one year to five years, while the period of residence permit is extended from no more than three years to no more than five years.

Two Types

Q1: Family members (spouses, parents, children, children's spouses, siblings, grandparents, material grandparents, grandchildren, material grandchildren and spouses' parents) of Chinese citizens and of more>

Q2: Relatives of Chinese citizens living in China and of foreigners with permanent residence qualification in China who visit relatives in China for a short period (not more than 180 days).read more>

Application Process
    • Online Application Process

      Fill in the information online > Select an appointment time > Submit application materials in the visa hall for interview > Receive a certificate after paymentread more>

    General Application Materialsread more>
    part 6read more>
    part 7read more>
    part 8
    Application materialsread more>
    Q1 visa

    (I) An invitation letter
    (II) A copy of the inviter's Chinese ID card or passport
    (III) The original or copy of proof of family member relationship read more>

    Q2 visa

    (I) An invitation letter
    (II) A copy of the inviter's Chinese ID card or a copy of the foreigner's passport and permanent residence more>

    part 10