About Capital Museum
1. Capital Museum is free to all visitors. 2. Open Hours: 09:00-17:00 (No entry after 16:00) Tuesday to Sunday; closed Mondays (Except for statutory holidays). 3. Visitors must make reservations in advance.
Speical Services
The interactive multi-media zone is located in the south of the first floor of the circular exhibition hall. Here, high-precision photos of cultural relics are enlarged without limit on nine special computers for visitors to appreciate along with photographic, literary, video or audio notes on the key details of the photographed cultural relics.
Basic Exhibition: History and Culture of Beijing
Focusing on its rich culture, this exhibition chronologically displays the historical development of Beijing, from a primitive residence place to the formation of a polis, from a political center of North China to a united multi-ethnic feudal state, and to the capital of the People’s Republic of China.
Basic Exhibition: Folk Customs in Old Beijing
The theme of this exhibition is "Life in Hutong". By displaying the scenes of wedding, birth giving and festivals among the ordinary people living in Hutong, it portrays a vivid close-up on customs and rituals of the people's life in Beijing tracing back history to late Qing and early Republic of China period.
Art Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Calligraphy
Fine works of calligraphy from the Beijing area are mainly displayed in this exhibition. Occasionally some other works of different themes will be introduced, such as fine works of Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing.
Art Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Paintings
Paintings from Ming and Qing dynasties are mainly displayed in this exhibition. Exhibitions with different themes are also held in this room to show the unique charm of the ancient Chinese painting art.
Art Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Bronze Art
This exhibition shows the unique bronze culture in Beijing. By comparing of bronze wares from the Central Plains and the Northern Grassland of China and those of Western Zhou and Eastern Zhou periods, it shows that culture exchange, ethnic fusion, and multi-culture of bronze co-existed in ancient Beijing.
Art Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Jade Art
Focusing on the jade utilizing culture, this exhibition shows the development and characteristics of jade art in Beijing area.
Art Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Ceramics Art
This exhibition fully displays pottery and porcelain wares inherited or unearthed in Beijing. It reveals the process of Chinese ceramic art development and the history of Beijing.
Special Exhibition: Selected Works of Ancient Buddhist Statues
This exhibition reveals the art history of Chinese Buddhist statues and Tibetan Buddhist statues, and the rich Buddhist culture in Beijing.
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