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Business environment is an important reflection of regional economic soft power and competitiveness.

In order to  continuously improve the  ability and  level of  service for  enterprises, strive to  create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment, and improve competitiveness, Beijing has taken the World Bank's business environment evaluation as an opportunity and further strengthened its reform and innovation as the principle to formulate a series of "9+N" policies and measures.

A sound business environment can stimulate the vitality and creativity of enterprises and is an important embodiment of city soft power. In 2018, 22 cities across the country conducted a business environment test evaluation from the dimensions of measuring the entire life cycle of enterprises, reflecting the attraction of urban investment, and reflecting the high-quality development level of cities and Beijing ranked first among all.

Take multiple measures at the same time, optimize the business environment and serve foreign-invested enterprises

1. Actively innovate system and mechanism, apply "substraction" 1 in procedures

2. Promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign-funded industries, and apply "addition" in policies

3. Improve the enterprise service system and create business interfacing service package

4. Strengthen intellectural property rights protection and build up a credible Beijing

5. Deepen the finance innovation and development, and construct an open pattern with perfect function

6. Improve the humanistic and natural environment, and optimize the business and livable environment

7. Innovate high-end talent machanism, and offer more benefits to talents.

Schneider Electric entered into the Chinese market in 1987, and now China has become the second largest market in the world. Schneider Electric has successively participated in major projects such as West-to-East Gas Transmission, south-to-North Water Transfer, Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou G20, etc. Schneider Electric is a witness, participant and contributor to China's reform and opening up. Beijing Municipal People's Government has issued a series of policies, including vigorously optimizing  the business environment, which provides good development opportunities for foreign-funded enterprises and further strengthens our confidence in the development in China and Beijing ( Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd.).

Simplified permitting procedure helps enterprises to handle affairs conveniently

• Only one-walk or none for handling permitting procedures for 100 high-frequency matters at all levels

• 90% and above matters can be handled online in the governmental affairs website

• 80% and above matters can be handled in only one office

• 70% matters can be handled classifically in "one window"

• Required papers for enterprises and the masses decreased by 60% and above

• Matters to be reviewed by municipal and district governments are reduced half and above

Decreased cost reduces the actual burden of enterprises

• Resolutely implement the central government's requirement's on slashing taxes and fees and further cut about 40 billion RMB tax and administrative fee in 2018

• Within the power authorized by the State, the largest tax exemption is offered to benefit over one million tax payers

• Liberate enterprises from difficult and expensive financing byerecting a bank-enterprise interfacing bridge

Fully simplify administration and decentralization to create a dynamic market environment

In recent years, Beijing Municipal People's Government has actively introduced various preferential policies to encourage multinational companies to set up research and development centers and regional headquarters in order to optimize the business environment and create technological innovation highland in the country. Taking our company as an example, the relevant government departments in Beijing have provided a number of Green Channels to make the R&D Center successfully settled in Beijing.

In December 2018, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce provided one-to-one housekeeping service for our company by awarding " service packages", which helped enterprises coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in operation
(BMW (China) R&D Center).

Added support to improve enterprise dynamic power

Guidelines for the Development of Advanced Industries

Formulate industry development action plans and scenarios for the development of 5G, artificial intelligence, medical health, ICV (Intelligent Connected Vehicle), Industrial Internet and other industries, and strive to form a dual momentum for the innovation and development of new generation information technology and medical health industries.

9+N series of policies

From the four aspects of "simplifying the process, providing excellent service, reducing costs and strengthening supervision", the "Subtraction" of government power is exchanged for the "Addition" of market vitality.

New policy for foreign talents

Promote the implementation of the new policy for foreign talents, mainly includes facilitating the entry and exit of foreign talents, supporting the development of foreign talents in Beijing, improving the social security service level of foreign talents, and optimizing the living service of foreign talents.

Enterprise Service Package

• Government service: provide services such as Accepting One Case at A Time and Discussing One Case at A Time

• Financial support: provide financial support such as industrial financial support and tax incentives

• Talent service: give priority to talent introduction and Residence Permit of Beijing, provide employee housing, coordinate senior management's medical treatment and children's schooling, etc.

Service Housekeeper for enterprises

Promote a regular Service Butler mechanism. Through sending information and policies, we will understand the enterprise demands of "One Enterprise One List" and provide services such as the landing of enterprise projects throughout the process. We will accurately promote the settlement of high-quality projects and carefully coordinate the expansion of development of key enterprises.

 Implement the strictest protection of intellectual property rights and strive to build up Beijing Intergrity 



 Create multiple credit platforms

• China's first cultural and creative credit system service platform

• China's first cultural enterprises credit promotion association

• Open Beijing" double credit management platform

• New mode of Two Systems One Platform for enterprise credit supervision

Deepen the finance innovation and development, and construct an open pattern with perfect functions

Financial support

• Support qualified institutions in Beijing to pilot outward foreign investment in the form of qualified domestic limited partners, allow qualified institutions to raise RMB funds from qualified investors, and invest the funds in overseas markets;

• Support the establishment of exchange and cooperation platforms in Fin-tech and green finance;

• We will implement financial leasing of invisible assets such as copyright, patent right and trademark right on a trial basis;

• We will steadily promote RMB convertibility under capital account;

• We support qualified financial institutions, including financial companies and securities companies, to obtain accreditation for foreign exchange settlement and sales, and carry out spot exchange and derivative businesses;

• Intensify Fin-tech innovation, actively develop carbon trade and environmental equity financing, develop green financing instruments, and support enterprises to issue green bonds overseas.

The humanistic environment and natural environment are superior, suitable for business and living.

Rich international medical resources

• Beijing has more than 50 Grade III-A hospitals (first-class hospitals in China) and a total of more than 10,000 medical institutions.

• It has more than 1,100 medical institutions, including Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital and Beijing International Medical Center. Among them, there are more than 26 medical institutions that can provide medical service in English and more than 15 medical institutions that can provide medical service in Japanese.

• A medical personnel salon mechanism has been established, and at least 16 embassies and international organizations in China have become members of the salon.

• A foreign language service hotline for Chinese medicine in Beijing has been set up to provide Chinese medicine consultation and triage services.

Rich international education resources

• Beijing is one of the cities with the most developed education and culture in China, with 92 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University. The number of key universities accounts for a quarter of the country's total.

• There are 19 schools for children of foreigners in Beijing approved by the Ministry of Education.

• The Measures for the Administration of Schools for Children of Foreign Nationals in Beijing supports the innovative policies of international talents and the introduction of talents' children into schools for children of foreign nationals.

Diversified international competition brands

• Many international A-level competitions, such as the China Open, the Beijing Circle Competition, the Women's Sword World Cup of the International Fencing Federation, the Sand Volleyball Grand Slam and the Beijing World Athletics Championships, have been settled in Beijing.

Green, intelligent and safe community

• As of 2018, altogether 55 green, intelligent and safe communities have been created.

• Adhere to ecological priority, precision, and the level of urban governance has been significantly improved: promote the construction of "green necklace" in green isolated areas; in the whole city, it was the first to propose the establishment of a "river system+territorial" hierarchical and segmented responsibility system, with The River Chief System being implemented in all areas. The whole city basically realized "no coalification"; take the lead in adopting the on-site treatment mode of transforming shantytowns into construction wastes; the on-line monitoring system for fine management of atmospheric environmental quality has also been put into operation, making every effort to ensure a beautiful and civilized urban environment.

Greening construction

• In 2018, 26.9 mu of new afforestation was added, and the coverage rate of urban greening reached 48.44%.

Aquatic ecological civilization

• The city's sewage treatment rate reached 94%

Prevention and control of pollution

• The harmless disposal rate of domestic waste is 99.94%.

Air quality

• Fine particu late m atter (PM 2.5) hit a record low in 2018, down 43.3% from 2013.

People-oriented to benefit talents

Expanded opening-up in service sector realized "all- dimensional" international talent guarantee

Management staffs of the Fortune 500 headquarters and foreign R&D centers may apply directly for permanent residence in China;

Foreign talents with permanent resident permits are entitled to national treatment when starting a technology business;

Foreigners may serve as legal representatives of the new-type R&D public institutions;

Foreigners may lead major state-level or Beijing municipal-level science and technology projects;

Eligible foreign natural persons may invest in companies listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System;

Eligible advanced foreign talent with skills much needed in China are entitled to conveniences and "green channel" services when applying for work permit and talent visa;

Full social application of foreigners' permanent resident permit in Beijing;

Speed up the building of international talent communities and provide a range of auxiliary services of high quality and international standards, covering education, medical care, residence, culture, sports and recreation, and establish one-stop service platforms.

Beijing's new entry and exit policy for foreign talents helps foreign nationals to make their dream of being permanent residence to become true


Scope of service: provide service to enterprises and start- up teams oriented to finance, science and technology, culture, business, tourism and other services that conform to the strategic positioning of the capital city, with a wider range of services and a wider range of beneficiaries.

The receivers of main service include: foreign high-level talents, foreign members of entrepreneurial teams, foreign managerial and technical talents, and foreign Chinese/young students.

Visa for long-term stay handled with shortened handling time: foreign talents recognized by the foreign talent qualification window of the foreign entry and exit service hall may apply for a 2-5 year long-term visa.