Beijing in the Eyes of the Outside World

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Survey results

This survey has been carried out on foreign-funded enterprises and foreign individuals (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in Beijing from seven aspects covering work and life, including government service and social security, science and technology and innovation, work experience, environmental ecology, urban life, development level of international metropolis, education and culture, etc. The results show that Beijing is particularly outstanding in social security, science and technology and innovation, education and culture.

The results of the survey show that 94% of the interviewees expressed a high degree of approval for the social security in Beijing. 83% of the interviewees are generally satisfied with the cultural experience. 81%  of the interviewees are generally satisfied with the level of scientific and technological innovation.

Development level of international metropolis

34% of the interviewees considered that Beijing has demonstrated the internationality and functional agglomeration of architectural design, while 26% thought that the supporting facilities are ahead of time.

Government services and social security

Interviewees generally believed that Beijing did a good job in "government services" in terms of business guidance and service window management, and did best in "business environment" in terms of starting businesses and obtaining electricity.

Working experience

36% of the interviewees considered that Beijing's foreign talent policy has the best performance in dealing with talent services such as permanent residence and children's schooling.

Science and technology innovation

32% and 23% of the interviewees respectively considered that Beijing has better realized the digitalization of daily life, the Internet of Things and the intelligence of daily equipment in terms of cutting-edge science and technology, and professional intermediary organizations have also played a better role in terms of innovation and industrialization.

Living environment

The overall satisfaction of interviewees with sports and leisure is high as 79%, and their satisfaction to healthcare and medical service is in the middle, mainly because the coverage rate of foreign medical resources needs to be improved.


Interviewees generally believed that Beijing performed best in terms of water supply and garbage disposal.

Education and culture

38% and 26% of the interviewees respectively considered that Beijing's educational resources are diversified and have high educational accessibility. Interviewees generally believed that Beijing has a high degree of diversity in cultural venues and activities and a colorful amateur life.

Comments of authoritative institutions

Fortune (China) jointly designed and launched analysis and research with big data company BBD in 2015 to find the top 10 Chinese cities that are most attractive to entrepreneurs and start-ups, and Beijing was listed.

According to a new study by Times Weekly in 2019, the ranking of the best cities in the world was announced. Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing ranked on the list, with Beijing ranking 47th.

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the world's leading economic and business research and  forecasting and analysis service agent, headquartered in London, UK. Recently, the Economist Intelligence Unit released the Global Cost of Life Survey in 2009. The Global Cost of Life Survey is an annual survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It surveys more than 400 price indicators of more than 160 kinds of products and services in 133 cities in 93 countries. The results show that the cost of living in Beijing has dropped by three places compared with the previous year.

 "There is no better place for travelers who love megacities than China." As CNN wrote in a travel guide released in March 2019, it also recommended 14 Chinese metropolises: Beijing ranks first. In addition to the huge population base, complete infrastructure and mature commerce, attractive metropolises in China need rich history and culture. A foreign netizen who has traveled to Beijing made such a comment: "As the capital of China, Beijing is one of the cities with rich culture in the world. On the one hand, it is a modern city with rapid development of science and technology; on the other hand, it preserves the charm of ancient history."