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Prospect: Build a Beijing Model for High-Quality Development of Foreign Capital

As indicated firmly by President Xi Jinping, China's opened door will not be closed, but will be opened wider and wider. After entering into a new era, Beijing is deeply aware of the great significance of promoting a new round of opening up. Beijing is following the principle of opening up to promote reform, development and innovation, implementing the policy of "consolidating, strengthening, upgrading and unblocking" and striving to create a Beijing model for high-quality development of foreign capital.

Expand high-level opening to form a new pattern of all-round development of foreign capital. Keep in line with international advanced rules, fully implement a new round of comprehensive pilot programs to expand and open the service industry, strive to create a "negative list + positive incentives" and "industrial opening + park opening" model, speed up the opening of seven key fields, including science and technology, Internet information, finance, education, cultural tourism, medical care for the aged, and professional services, and promote service industry system innovation with "Ten-All" as its core. Deepen the pilot of innovative development in service trade, run the Beijing Fair well, and improve the international competitiveness of service trade. Give full play to the resource advantages as an international exchange center, take the initiative to participate in building the "One Belt and One Road" initiative and construct 4 key platforms, namely, external exchanges, technological support, cultural exchanges and service support platforms, and give full support to "going out" of enterprises.

Deepen financial reform and innovation and build up a new growth level for the development of foreign capital.

Continue to strengthen the construction of financial street and serve the functions of the National Financial Management Center. Further promote the implementation of the measures to meet the development needs of financial industry of the Capital in the fields of the reform    of foreign exchange management, RMB cross-border use and investment/ financing convenience and attract international well-known banks, insurance, securities, funds and asset management and other financial institutions as well as accounting, auditing, evaluation, credit, law and consulting professional service institutions to set up regional headquarters and branches in Beijing. Start to establish a public research and development platform for financial science and technology and a demonstration zone for innovation of financial science and technology and professional services. Actively promote the "new three board" reform, enhance financing capacity and liquidity, and vigorously cultivate advanced listed companies. Optimize the zoning layout of financial industry development.

Continuously to improve the business environment and create a new impetus to the highquality development of foreign capital. Create a business environment with the least approvals, most optimized procedures, highest efficiency, best service that is mostly satisfied to enterprise and crowds according to the standard of the best in China and the first-class in the world, and launch a series of "Beijing-style" reform measures in business registration and Customs Clearance facility so  as  to  ensure the implementation  of“9+N” Policy 2.0. Improve business operation legal system, promote social credit legislation and build up a credit based market supervision system. Strive to construct a high land of talents, gather and develop a number of strategic scientific and technological talents, leading scientific and technological talents, enhance young entrepreneur training, construct an innovation integration and service platform and promote the in-depth cooperation among entrepreneurs, investors and scientists. Promote the construction of international talent community and build up an international talent harbor.

Promote consumption upgrading and create a new international landmark for consumption. Further expand commodity and service consumption, launch the construction of international consumption hub city, build up urban international landmark and platform for consumption, develop featured service consumption and emerging consumption,create a lawful and convenient consumption environment, upgrade consumption standard, attract border-entry consumption, and enhance the capacity of the capital inconfiguring global resources and its international influence.

Beijing will continue to carry out its "reform and opening up to the end" and show its charm and a better life to the world in an innovative, inclusive, open and progressive manner around the special missions entrusted to it by the country, including the construction of a political center, a cultural center, an international communication center, a scientific and technological innovation center, the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of city's deputy center, a financial management center, an international first-class harmonious and livable city as well as the construction of an international first-class business environment.