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Foreign Technical Talents Employed by Zhongguancun Enterprises Applying for Permanent Residence

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(II) The following materials are required for the credit evaluation of foreign technical talents employed by Zhongguancun enterprises applying for permanent residence in China:

1. Application by the employer.

2. Letter of commitment by the employer.

3. Letter of commitment by the individual.

4. The complete "Declaration of Credit Evaluation of Foreign Technical Talents Employed by Zhongguancun Enterprises Applying for Permanent Residence in China for First Time in 2018".

5. Copy of the formal employment contract of the employer that prove the job.

6. Copy of the applicant's valid passport.

7. Copy of the enterprise's business license.

8. Tax payment certificate in Beijing.

9. Copy of Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certificate.

10. Other certification materials, such as:

– Education background: highest diploma;

– Years of service in China: Materials such as tax payment certificate or foreigner employment certificate (foreign expert certificate) during stay in China, etc. that can prove the years of service in China;

– Related work experience: Contracts or certificates of employment (including information such as position, professional title, position, working years, etc.) of former employers, and qualification proof and evidence of the employers (for example, those serving duty in QS universities shall provide QS university ranking list);

– Comprehensive annual salary: The salary and performance certificate of the previous year issued by the employer;

– Technical leadership: Proof of ownership of intellectual property rights (patents, award certificates, etc.) and internationally recognized professional technical certificate.

11. Other necessary certification materials.


The materials submitted in a foreign language shall be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company and submitted with the official seal of the company.

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Date: 2018-07-05