Concept of Foreign-invested Enterprise

  √ A foreign-invested enterprise is a corporate legal person invested in China by a foreign enterprise and an economic organization or individual with sole proprietorship or joint venture or cooperation with China, and incorporated as per the laws of China with legal capacity for civil rights.
  √ Foreign-invested enterprises include joint venture, cooperative venture and foreign-funded enterprise.

The Industrial and Commercial Administration

To seek approval of the company name.

The Municipal or District Business Department

To obtain the certificate and approval for foreign-invested enterprises if special administrative measures of access of foreign investment are involved.

Related Administration Department

To obtain relevant approval document if a pre-licensing is involved for the operation projects to be applied for.

The Industrial and Commercial Administration

To obtain business license from the industrial and commercial administration.

Taxation Authority

To complete registration with taxation authority.

  1. 1. Having a qualified name
  2. 2. Having qualified shareholders
  3. 3. Having qualified contributions
  4. 4. Having qualified articles of association
  5. 5. Having a qualified domicile
  6. 6. Comply with relevant state regulations
  • The enterprise name shall be registered with the industrial and commercial administration in advance. The enterprise name is, in general, composed of four parts, namely administrative division + name + industry feature + organizational form. Investors shall pay attention to the following matters ... Read More >
  • For a foreign-invested company with limited liability, the number of shareholder(s) shall be no less than one and no more than fifty. The Chinese investor(s) shall be the legitimate company, enterprise or economic organization. For the Sino-foreign joint (cooperative) high-tech enterprise, upon a... Read More >
  • Shareholders may make contributions with currency, material object, intellectual property right, land use right, equity and other non-monetary asset, except those prohibited by laws and regulations. Read More >
  • Shareholders may formulate articles of association according to law. The articles of association shall specify that "In case of any discrepancy between these Articles of Association and relevant laws and regulations, the latter shall prevail." The business scope under the articles of association ... Read More >
  • The domicile you select shall be a legal building with property ownership certificate, and the purpose on the certificate shall be consistent with that of the enterprise to be registered. (For the failure to meet the aforesaid conditions, please refer to the contents under "Focuses in selection o... Read More >
  • For the application for registration of a foreign-invested company, if special administrative measures of access of foreign investment are involved, the certificate and approval for foreign-invested enterprises shall be obtained from relevant business department. Read More >

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