1. Having a qualified name

The enterprise name shall be registered with the industrial and commercial administration in advance. The enterprise name is, in general, composed of four parts, namely administrative division + name + industry feature + organizational form. Investors shall pay attention to the following matters for name selection.
The name shall not contain any of the following contents or characters:

(1) Name of a foreign country (region) or international organization;
(2) Name of a party, governmental & military authority, public organization and social community, and designation of troop;
(3) Chinese phonetic alphabet and Arabic numerals;
(4) The contents or characters that impair the national and public interest;
(5) The contents or characters that may cause fraud or misunderstanding to the public; and
(6) Other circumstances prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

In order reduce the possibility of the same name, the enterprise name is recommended to contain more than three Chinese characters.

The validity period of the enterprise name is six months after the approval. Please pay attention to the date of expiry. An application may be send to the approval authority to extend such period.

The period for the pre-approved enterprise name shall only be extended once. If such name fails to be registered in time after the expiry of the extended period, you shall name another application for name pre-approval.