Timeline of a great life

Date:2019-09-10      Source:The Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling

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January 27   Born in Shanghai


Went to the United States for education; entered the Wesleyan College for Women, Macon, Georgia.


Summer    Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

August     Returned to China, stopped over in Japan.

Winter     Became Sun Yat-sen's secretary.


October 25  Married Sun Yat-sen in Tokyo .


May       Arrived in shanghai with Sun Yat-sen from Japan.


July       Left shanghai for Guangzhou(Canton)to launch the movement to protect the constitution.


May 21     Left Guangzhou for shanghai with Sun after the protect—constitution movement failed.

June 26      Arrived in shanghai.


June 16     During the revolt of the warlord Chen Jiongming, Soong Ching Ling bravely covered Sun Yat-sen's escape. The next morning she rejoined her husband on the warship, and finally settled down in shanghai.

August 23    Accompanied Sun Yat-sen in meeting Li Dazhao at their home in Shanghai to discuss the cooperation between Kuomintang and the Chinese party.


February     Went to Guangzhou again with Sun Yat-sen.

August      With Sun Yat-sen went to aboard the warship "Yong Feng" to mark the anniversary of the disaster caused by Chen Jiongming's betrayal.


June 16      With Sun Yat-sen attended with Sun Yat-sen the opening ceremony of the Whampoa Military Academy, Guangzhou .

November 13  At the invitation of Feng Yuxiang, Sun Yat-sen journeyed north, accompanied by Soong Ching Ling.

November 17   They passed through Shanghai.

November 18  Stopped over at Kobe, Japan. Soong Ching Ling gave a speech on the emancipation of woman at the Senior School for girls.

December 4    The couple reach Tianjin.

December 30   They finally arrived in Beijing.


March 11    Sun Yat-sen was ill, Soong Ching Ling accepted her husband's last will and testament and promised to represent him to visit the Soviet Union.

March 12    Sun Yat-sen died.

Since then Song Ching Ling set herself the task of publicizing Sun Yat-sen's testament and his Three Major Polices.

April        She left Beijing and returned to shanghai.

August     The association of Liao Zhongkai in Guangzhou put her to great indignation and deep sorrow.


January     Elected member of the Central Executive Committee in the Second Assembly of the Kuomintang in Guangzhou. During session she delivered a speech resolutely upholding the Three Major Polices of Sun Yat-sen.

November   After the Northern Expeditionary Army took the city of Wuhan, she led an advance party of the national government to Wuhan, making preparation for the moving of the capital.

December   Following the meeting on December 13, members of the Executive Committee of the Kuomintang and of the national government in Wuhan formed a united committee as the provisional supreme governing organ for the period prior to the moving of the capital. Soong Ching Ling was included in the membership of the united committee.


February     She ran a women's institute of political training in Hankon, Hubei province.

March       At the Third Plenary Session of the Second National Assembly of the Kuomintang, Soong Ching Ling was elected member of the presidium.

The National government was established in Wuhan and she became one of its members.

First half of  the year She initiated and organized the Red Cross Society to take care of the  sick and wounded soldiers .

July 14      Issued a statement in which she declared: "some of the Executive Committee of the Kuomintang are doing violence to Sun Yat-sen's ideas and ideas."

Therefore, she would no longer participate in executing the new policies of the Kuomintang.


August 1    She supported the Nanchang Armed Uprising launched by the Chinese Communist Party.

August 2    She was elected to a 7-member presidium of the revolutionary committee of the uprising.

August 23    Left Shanghai to visit the Soviet Union.

September 6   Arrived in Moscow.

December    At the congress of the World Anti—Imperialist league held In Belgium she was elected honorary chairman.


May         Returned to china from Europe to attend the state funeral of Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing. On the eve of her departure, she issued a statement saying: " I cannot participate directly or indirectly in the work of the Kuomintang until policies are in complete conformity with the basic principles of the late Dr. Sun Yat-sen."

August 10    Issued: "The Record of the Talk with Dai Chuanxian"(in English). In the same month, attended the conference of Anti-Imperialist League held in Germany and was re-elected honorary chairman.

September 21  Left shanghai for France.


July         Returned to China from Germany.

December 19 Issued the statement "The Kuomintang Is No Longer a Political Power" after Deng Yanda was murdered.


January      With Yang Quan, He Xiangning and others, set up the Kuomintang Hospital for wounded soldiers.

December   With Cai Yuanpei, Lu Xun, Yang Quan, organized the China League for Civil Rights in Shanghai .


January     Set up the Shanghai chapter of the China League for Civil Rights

March 8   Addressed the inaugural meeting of the National Self—salvation Association in Resisting Foreign Aggression, calling upon the masses to unite for the resistance of Japanese aggression.

May 13      Went to the German Consulate in Shanghai to protect and condemn the fascist's persecution of progressives and Jewish people in Germany.

June 18      Issued a statement upon the assassination of Yang Quan, in protest against the murder of progressives by the Kuomintang regime and attended Yang Quan's funeral.

September 30 Convened the Far East conference of the world committee against Imperialist War in Shanghai, and delivered a speech entitled "China's Freedom and the Fight Against War."

During the year, she led the China league for Civil Rights to win the release of Luo Dengxian, Liao Chengzhi and Chen Keng.


April 20      With He Xiangning and 1777 others issued the joint statement "The Basic Program of the Chinese People in the War of Resistance Against Japan."

Autumn     Set up the National Armed Self-Defense Committee of China, with herself as chairman.


Gave financial help to some communists in shanghai to complete their mission in North Shaanxi.


Spring       Assisted Edgar Snow and Ma Haide to realized their trips to North Shaanxi.

May        With Shen Junru and other democrats, established the all-China Federation of National Salvation Associations in Shanghai, and was elected executive committee member.

October 22   Attended the memorial meeting in honor of Lu Xun in Wanguo Cemetery, Shanghai, and delivered a speech.

November26  Issued a statement upon the arrest of the "Seven Patriots".

December    Urged for a peaceful settlement of the "Xi'an Incident"


February   Along with He Xiangning, Feng Yuxiang and others, made a proposal to the Third Plenary Session of the Fifth Kuomintang Central Committee that Sun Yat-sun's Three Major Policies of Alliance with Soviet Russia, Cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party and Assistance to the peasants and workers be restored. she delivered a speech entitled 'To Carry Out Sun Yat-sun's will."

June     Joining with Hu Yuzhi and 14 others launched the "To-Be-Put-In-Jail for National Salvation Campaign."

July 5   Heading a team of 1 from Shanghai, went to Suzhou to visit the "Seven Patriots" in prison, and demanded to be put in jail as well for the "crime of national salvation."

In the same month, received Zhou Enlai, Bo Gu and Lin Boqu at her home in Shanghai, supporting the proposition of the Chinese Communists in the resistance against Japanese Aggression.

August     Published the article entitled "China unconquerable" in "The Forum and Century" of New York.

December  Moved to live in Hong Kong.


January 23  With the founding of the China chapter of the International Anti-Aggression Movement in Hankou, she was elected as delegate along with Cai Yuanpei, Wu Yuzhang and others to attend the London Congress of the movement, but the trip was never realized.

June 14      Inviting a number of noted personages, both in China and abroad, she founded the China Defense League in Hong Kong.

September     Participated in the struggle for defending Guangzhou and published the article: "A general Mobilization of Overseas Chinese". Pushed on with the work of the China Defense League in Hongkong.

December 12  Delivered a speech through the Hongkong Radio to support the Anti-Japanese war.


Continued to develop the programs of the China Defense League in Hong Kong


January     Along with He Xiangning and others, published an open telegram denouncing the Kuomintang regime for the unity in fighting against Japanese aggression.

December   Japanese troops occupied Hongkong. Took the last airplane to evacuate Hongkong for Chongqing.

In the same year, rendered strong support to Rewi Alley in setting up the Industrial Cooperatives Movement in China.


May       As president of the All-China Children's welfare Association, sponsored international benefit football matches for disaster relief, and contributed all the proceeds to the disaster-stricken people in Henan province.

September 18  Published her open letter to friends of China abroad, appealing for continued support to the Chinese people in their struggle.


February 7    Published her article: "A Message to American Workers" through "Allied Labor News", calling upon the American workers to support the Chinese struggle for anti-Japanese aggression and for democracy.

March 12     Broadcast through radio her speech "Sun Yat-sun and the democracy of China" from Chongqing to the United States on the occasion of the celebration of Sun Yat-sun Day in America.

October 1   Jointly with 72 important personages, she called upon all political parties and social circles in Chongqing to hold a memorial meeting in honor of Zou Taofen(one of the "Seven Patriots").


September    Met Mao Zedong at the residence of Central Zhang Zhizhong in Chongqing.

December     Left Chongqing to return to Shanghai renamed the China Defence League as the China Welfare Fund. The CWF continued to support progressive organizations and democratic forces, the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army. Meantime, it engaged in maternity and child health as well as children's culture and education and social relief.


July 23       Issued, in Shanghai, the statement urging coalition Government and An Appeal to the American People to stop Their Government from Militarily Aiding the Kuomintang


September 16   Published a statement denying her having entered an "election contest."


January         With the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, she was named its Honorary Chairman. In the same month, she issued the "Message to the World Federation of Democratic Youth" appealing for the defense of world peace.

Winter           Moved to house NO.1843, Huaihai zhong Road (the present Soong Ching Ling Residence in Shanghai).


July 1          Published in Shanghai " A Monumental Period ", in celebration of the 28th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party.

July 7         Delivered a speech entitled Imperialist, Get out! Otherwise You'll Perish Along with the Reactionaries" in the mass rallies commemorating the "July 7th Incident" and celebrating the liberation.

September     Was invited to take part in the First Meeting of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and was elected vice-chairman of the Central People's Government.

October 1      Participated in the inaugural ceremony of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

December 11     Took part in the Asian Women's Conference. In the same month, was elected Honorary president of the All-China Women's Federation.


April           Elected chairman of the Executive Committee of the People's Relief Administration of China.

August         Reorganized the China Welfare Fund as the China welfare Institute and continued to be the chairman of its executive committee.

October         Took an inspection trip to factories, rural areas and some army units in Northeast China.

November 23     Was elected a member of the Executive Bureau of the World Peace Council at the second Congress of the council in Warsaw.


September 18     Was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize for 1950.she donated the entire prize money of 100,000 roubles to China Welfare Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital.

November26       Was elected president of Chinese People's Committee in Defense of Children at the inaugural meeting of that organization.


January             Founded the "China Reconstructs" magazine (in English).

March 21          With Guo Moruo and others, initiated the convocation of Peace Conference for the Asian and Pacific Regions.

September        Her selected works "The Struggle for New China" was published.

October              Led a Chinese delegation to the Peace Conference for the Asian and Pacific Regions and was elected chairman of the Peace Liaison Committee of the Asian and Pacific Regions.

December 11       Headed a Chinese delegation to the world Peace Congress in Vienna.

Late December    Visited the Soviet Union.


January 13        Met Stalin in Moscow.

April 25             Re-elected honorary chairman of the All-China Women's Federation at its second National Congress.


September        Participated in the First session of the First National People's Congress and was elected vice-chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress.

December         Was elected vice-chairman of the National committee at the First session of the Second Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.


January          Was elected chairman of the Sino-soviet Friendship association.

August 20       Delivered a speech at the meeting in memory of the 30th anniversary of the death of Liao Chongkai.

December        Accompanied by Liao Chengzhi and others, visit India.


January         Visited Burma and Pakistan with Liao Chengzhi for company.

February        Received an Honorary Doctor of Laws conferred by the University of Dacca, Pakistan.

August           Led a Chinese delegation to visit Indonesia.

September     Was invited to attend and address the Eighth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

November       Published two articles: "Sun Yat-sun—the Revolutionary son of the Chinese People" and  "reminiscences of Sun Yat-sun".


September      Was again elected honorary chairman of the All-China Women's Federation at the First Session of the third Executive committee Meeting.

November       Accompanied by Mao Zedong to the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution and the Moscow Meeting of Representatives of Communist and Workers' Parties.


June 14         Celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of the china Welfare Institute, gave a speech.


April              Was re-elected a vice-chairman of the People's Republic of China at the First Session of the Second National People's Congress.


April              Attended the Second Session of the Second National People's Congress.


May 11          Met Mao Zedong at her home in Shanghai.

September       Took office as deputy head in the Preparatory Committee for Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution.


January        Receiving Mme.Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Ceylon, in Shanghai.

November 12    Published "Sun Yat-sun and His Cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party".


April             Moved to her new home at 46 Houhai Beiyan (the present Soong Ching Ling Residence in Beijing).

June             Gave a reception to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the china Welfare Institute at her residence, Beijing.


February       As vice-chairman of the People's Republic of China visited Ceylon with Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi for company.

December 21    Attended the First Session of the Third National People's Congress as executive chairman of the congress.


January         Re-elected vice-chairman of the People's Republic of China at the First Session of the third national People's Congress.

October         Took office as vice-chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Commemorating the Centenary of Sun Yat-sun's Birthday.


November 12    Attended the meeting in commemoration of the centenary of Sun Yat-sun's birthday and delivered a speech entitled "Sun Yat-sun—A Staunch, Indomitable Revolutionary". In the same month, "The Selected Works of Soong Ching Ling "was published.


January 10      Along with Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and many others attended the meeting of mourning Chen Yi.

September 5    Attended the meeting of mourning He Xiangning in Beijing and delivered a memorial speech.


January 17     Elected vice-chairman of the National People's Congress standing Committee at the First session of the Fourth National People's congress.


January       Attended the meeting of mourning Zhou Enlai.

July             Attended the meeting of mourning Zhu De.

September     Attended the meeting of mourning Mao Zedong.


September 9   Attended the ceremony celebrating the completion of the building of T he Memorial hall of Chairman Mao Zedong.


February     Re-elected vice-chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee at the First Session of the First National People's Congress.

June 14     Attended the meeting commemorating the 40th anniversary of the China Welfare Institute.

September 17  Re-elected honorary chairman of the all-China Women's Federation at the Fourth Women's National Congress of China, and addressed the closing ceremony.


June        Receiving the visiting group of the well-known American women and the Hawaiian visiting group.

October 12   Hosted a dinner party for Prince and Mme.Sihanouk at her home in Beijing.


New Year's Day   With Deng Xiaoping at the tea party hosted by the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

March 5      Presided over and addressed the meeting commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Cai Yuanpei.

March 8      Addressing the meeting celebrating the 70th anniversary of the International Women's Day (March 7).

May 17      Attended the meeting of mourning Liu Shaoqi.

October 7    Took office as vice-chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution.


May 8       Received the Honorary Doctorate of Laws conferred by the Victoria University of Canada. Gave a speech on the ceremony.

May 15     Accepted by the political Bureau of the central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party as a full party member.

May 16     The 18th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress conferred on Soong Ching Ling the title Honorary President of the People's Republic of China.

May 29     Died at 8:18 pm in her Beijing residence.

June 3      The meeting of mourning Soong Ching Ling was held in Beijing . Her ashes were buried in the Soong family graveyard in Shanghai Wanguo(International)Cemetery(the present Soong Ching Ling Mausoleum).