Love, Revolution,Dream

Date:2019-09-09      Source:北京宋庆龄故居

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About her early married days:I am happy and try to help my husband as much as possible with his English correspondence. In Tokyo, Sun and other leaders issued, in April 1915, a new declaration against Yuan (Soong Ching Ling worked on the English version, for world consumption). To the dual and inseparable task of China's revolution and modernization, both Sun and Ching Ling were committed.

A Chinese friend quotes her as saying, in the 1920s, that what bound her and Sun was "higher than ordinary love". Love there was, growing with time deep and unfading. This can be seen in her devastating grief at Sun's death, the care with which she preserved all his personal belongings and mementos, and her custom. But the strong and abiding basis was their community of ideas, which survived and developed with history.