At 29 Rue Moliere in Shanghai

Date:2019-09-09      Source:北京宋庆龄故居

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In August 1918, Sun and Ching Ling moved into the two story house at 29 Rue Moliere, in Shanghai.

Bought as a gift to Sun by his followers in Canada with funds raised by his Canadian-Chinese adjutant Huang Huilong, it was the only home they ever owned. The place was very simple, with the sole decoration on the study wall a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Soong Ching Ling was also "the most important member of the staff, " kept Sun Yat-sen" cheerful and happy whatever went on, "sat with him reading and chatting every evening, and "now and then she organized a private movie show". But Sun and Ching Ling’s life in their Shanghai home was not just “homey”.


Soong Ching Ling was his tireless helper when, back in Shanghai again, he wrote his " Outline of National Reconstruction." Gratefully, he copied the whole text in his own calligraphy as a gift for her.

It was under the impact of "May Fourth "that Sun, realizing more and more the importance of propaganda, the broad dissemination of revolutionary views, launched the two magazines Weekly Critic and Reconstruction.