In the Great Revolution in China

Date:2019-09-09      Source:北京宋庆龄故居

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In December, Sun Yat-sen, Ching Ling accompanying him, spoke to students at Guangzhou's elite U.S.missionary run Canton Christian College(later Lingnan University).

Cheers met his call to these young people-mostly of comfortable background-to aspire do big things, not to be high officials, and to make it their task" to build the Republic of China anew into a civilized republic on a level with others in the world".

Ching Ling, when herself an undergraduate, had made a similar call in the Wesleyan to her fellow Chinese students in theU.S.A.

Now the presence beside Sun Yat-sen of his beautiful and committed young wife, near to them in both age and social background, fired up many Lingnan students with a new concept-the marriage of the ideals of well-educated youth to the ongoing revolution.

The year 1924 was a crux for which all Sun and Ching Ling's past had been a preparation.

Ching Ling presented decorations to veterans of the defense of the Presidential Palace against the Chen Jiongming revolt a year and half earlier. Recognition of her having saved Sun's life, and thus the revolution, had dispelled the remnants of opposition to their marriage even by conservatives in the Kuomintang.

Historic, nationally and socially, was the First National Congress of the Chinese Kuomintang in Guangzhou in the last ten days of January 1924.Also a delegate was Mao Zedong, then in his 31st year, the same age as Soong Ching Ling.

Lenin died in Moscow during the Guangzhou Congress, which recessed for three days of mourning. On February 24, Sun, with Ching Ling beside him, presided at a huge memorial meeting held by the Kuomintang, with all its top level participating.