Resolute Revolutionary

Date:2019-09-09      Source:北京宋庆龄故居

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In a words of Mme Soong Ching Ling, "in Kuomintang-Communist cooperation, as in other revolutionary work, every time Sun Yat-sen tried to take a step forward, many hands tried to pull him back.

Upon the announcement ...[of] this united front ...some persons came to me thinking I would help them to protest this move. When I refused and Sun Yat-sen went firmly ahead, they resigned from the party and openly attacked him. But Sun Yat-sen could not be deterred."

Key issues in Guangzhou were the armed struggle and the building of a revolutionary army. On June 16, 1924, Sun inaugurated the Huangpu (Whampoa)Military Academy. Established with Soviet help, its task was to train officers for the army of the revolution who were committed to its tasks and principles, as well as schooled in modern skills of war. Ching Ling was with Sun on the rostrum.

A German author said of Sun, that though "at places least expected lurked danger to his life..."no one has ever seen him nervous, and he added, "this august placidity was greatly enhanced by the fearlessness with which Sun Yat-sen's wife stood by him."

But there can be no doubt of the character of Ching Ling, as revealed here. She was gentle, but in no way soft or weak. She was warm in trust, and frank in principle. She was a fighter, encouraging others not to be quitters in the face of trouble.

In probity with public and in the austerity of their private life, Sun and Ching Ling were as strict in power as they had been in exile.