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Customers using IC-card electric meters should notice when purchasing electricity:

1. The meter you use is an electromechanical meter. There is electricity preset in newly installed meters and ready for use upon installation. 

2. When you buy electricity for the first time, please bring both the IC card and your Certificate for Residential Power Consumption to the staff of the electricity sale outlet and tell them that it is your first purchase of electricity. The preset electricity of 50 kWh will be deducted at the first purchase of electricity. (Note: From the next time you buy electricity, only the IC card is needed).  

3. After the first purchase of electricity, make sure to insert the IC card in the electric meter of your house. Way to check the meter of your house: turn off the switch of the meter, if the power in your house goes off means that the meter is connected with your house.

4. From the second purchase of electricity, you can go to any bank or sale outlet of Beijing Electric Power Corporation to buy electricity.

Customers of IC card electric meter should notice when inputting electricity:
1). Only when less than 200 kWh of electricity is left, when the digital light is on, can newly purchased electricity be input in the meter. When there is no electricity left in the meter, the switch will turn down automatically and the supply of electricity will not be recovered until you input some electricity and switch it on manually. 

2). Insert the IC card in the meter after you buy some electricity (insert it to the end according to the direction of arrowhead and hold for at least 20 seconds), then the data in the card will be input into the meter automatically. The total volume of the electricity left in the meter and that in the card will be shown on the digital screen, and the screen will be off automatically in 10 seconds. It’s suggested that you buy some other electricity on the next day as reserve for the next input. 

3). Way to check the volume of electricity left:

i). Insert IC card reversely into the meter (keep the copper core outward), the volume of electricity left will be shown on the digital screen of the meter;

ii). The mechanical data on the meter shows the accumulated volume of electricity consumption. 

Inquiry on and reapplication for IC card and other services for IC card meter users.
1. Please remember your user number for inquiry (the user number can be found on the Certificate for Residential Power Consumption and on the invoice for the purchase of electricity).

2. Please visit to check the details for your purchase of electricity.

3. If you lost the IC card, please make a reapplication for it at the sale outlet nearby, with your Certificate or any invoice for the purchase of electricity.
4. If you have any problem during the use of IC card, you can dial the 24 hour hotline- 95598 for help.

Convenient service: Beijing Electric Power Corporation offers the emergency service of sending electricity card in the night. If you run out of electricity during the period from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., please dial the 24 hour hotline-95598, and we will send electricity card to your house.

If you are not an IC card meter user, please pay the electricity bill within the time limit in accordance with relevant regulation.

Residents of Chaoyang, Haiadian, Fengtai, and Shijingshan districts can pay the electricity bill at ICBC, Rural Commercial Bank and any branch of the power supply companies.

Residents of Dongcheng, Xicheng, Xuanwu, Congwen districts and Yozhuang area can pay the electricity bill at ICBC, and any branch of the power supply companies.

Residents of Tongzhou, Changping, Mengtougou, Fangshan, Daxing, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, Shunyi and Yanqing districts and counties can pay the electricity bill at ICBC, ABC, RCB and any branch of the power supply companies.

The customers of residential power consumption should pay the bill on time, or they shall bear the responsibility for the breach of contact and liquidated damages shall be charged counting from the date exceeding the time limit to the date when the fees are paid. The liquidated damage per day for residential power consumption is 1‰ of the owing fee, and when it’s less than 1 Yuan, 1Yuan should be paid.

Tips: At present, Beijing Electric Power Corporation is executing a project connecting banks with power supply units. Upon completion, the residents may pay the electricity bill conveniently online, through calls or at counters of many banks, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Rural Commercial Bank, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Beijing Commercial Bank and Bank of Communications, etc.


Electricity Sales Outlets



Bank of Beijing

24-hour Self-service Banking, Hotline: 96169

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Counter, ATM

Hotline: 95588

China Merchants Bank

24-hour Self-service Banking, Hotline: 95555

Agricultural Bank of China


Hotline: 95599

Bank of China


Hotline: 95566

China Everbright Bank

24-hour Self-service Banking, Hotline: 95595