Better Industrial Structure


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The industrial structure of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is further improved. In 2016, their industrial structure involving the primary, secondary and tertiary industries was characterised by 5.2 : 37.3 : 57.5. Compared with 2015, the ratio of the tertiary industry rose by 1.4 percentage points. Of the three areas, the ratio of the tertiary industry of Beijing reached 80.3 percent, up by 0.6 percentage point over 2015, while that of Tianjin and Hebei 54 percent and 41.7 percent, up by 2 percentage points and 1.5 percentage points respectively.

The three areas develop industries suited to their own functions. Beijing's development as China's cultural, and scientific and technological innovation centre advanced. In 2016, the added value of Beijing's cultural and creative industry reached 357.05 billion yuan, increasing by 12.3 percent over 2015, or accounting for 14.3 percent of Beijing's GDP in 2016. The added value of Beijing's high-tech industry was 564.67 billion yuan, increasing by 9.1 percent. Tianjin's equipment manufacturing and financial industrial developed rapidly.