Bright Prospects


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The coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will add impetus to the development of the three areas, indicating a better tomorrow. According to the "Programme", the following are targets of coordinated development.

In the short run, in 2017, remarkable achievements will be made in relocating Beijing's non-capital functions, breakthroughs will be initially made in such key fields as integrated transport, ecological environment protection, industrial transfer and upgrading; reform will be advanced; innovation will be fostered; pilot and demonstration work will be boosted in an orderly manner.

By 2020, Beijing's permanent residents won't exceed 23 million; Beijing' s main problems, like "big city disease", will be alleviated; a regional integrated transport network will be basically formed; ecological environment will be effectively improved; great achievements will be made in industrial interactive development; achievements will be made in providing and sharing public services; the mechanism for the said coordinated development will run effectively; the regional development gap will be narrowed; and a mutually beneficial situation for coordinated development will be formed.