Xiong'an New Area

Date:2017-07-13      Source:eBeijing.gov.cn

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On April 1, 2017, China announced its decision to establish Xiong'an New Area. This is a new area of national significance after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the Shanghai Pudong New Area. The establishment of Xiong'an New Area is a key move to boost the coordinated development of the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region. This move is a national event and a crucial strategy for the coming millennium.

The planning scope of Xiong'an New Area involves Hebei's Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin counties and part of their surrounding area. This new area will cover about 100 sq.km initially, and will be expanded to about 200 sq.km in the mid-term and about 2,000 sq.km in the long run.

Xiong'an New Area is surrounded by Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. It features geographical advantages, convenient transportation, a favorable ecological environment and ample resources. It offers great space and basic conditions for development with a high starting point pursuant to high standards.