Lao She (Feb. 3rd, 1899 - Aug. 24th, 1966), originally named Shu Qingchun, style named Shu Sheyu, from Beijing, Manchu nationality, famous writer. Used to serve as the headmaster of a Primary School, instructor of the School of Oriental Studies,University of London, professor of Cheeloo University, professor of National Shandong University... Read More

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    • Former Residence

      Lao She Memorial is based on the former residence of Mr. Lao She, the famous writer, great master of language and "People's Artist", which is also the last place where Lao She lived. He lived here for 16 more>

    • Visit Information

      Address: No. 19 Fengfu Hutong, Dengshikou West Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
      Time: 9:00 - 16:30 (16:00 stop entering), closed on Mondays (except holidays)
      Reservation Tel: 010-65142612read more>

    • Bernhard's Visiting Blog

      On a nice day in May I visited the Lao She Memorial. The memorial is close to Wangfujing in a small Hutong area. Easy to find. read more>

    • Photos

      Photos about the former residence of Mr. Lao She and the exhibition of Lao She's entire life. read more>

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    His Works
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