Beijing Sign Detective
  If you find a wrongly written sign, you can submit your discovery findings so that the sign can be corrected. As you move about the city, when you encounter a faulty or incorrect sign, take a picture of it and record the location of the sign.
Beijing Cuisine Helper
  Chinese cuisine contains a number of different styles such as Cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine Sichuan cuisine and etc. Sometimes you are afraid to try a new dish or too confused which one to choose. This is an easy and fun way to discover and explore Beijing cuisine.
Beijing Official News
  The Beijing Official News app is a unique mobile application which publishes the official news for Beijing. As an official publication media of the municipal government it is a useful source for the definitive updates on city-related stories and situations.
Beijing Parks
  Discover events in Beijing's parks, check what flowers are in bloom and where.Take part in events, and contribute your own photos and comments on the parks and what they contain. Share your experiences with others, and explore their experiences and perspectives though photos and AR views of Beijing's parks, scenery, and other attractions.
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